When will this Netflix original animated series be released in 2022?

Based on the manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda, A piece is the next animated series on Netflix. The writer, as well as the showrunner of the series, is Steven maeda. Matt Owens joins him in the writing part of the show and. Both, along with manga artist Eiichiro Oda, are the executive producers of the series.

The trio of Netflix, Shueisha and Tomorrow Studios took responsibility for creating this live-action version of the manga. The latter also works for the next series of Netflix Cowboy Bebop.

Since the ball is finally rolling, fans should be delighted that the anime will pop up soon and give you all the details about the show; we are here with this article.

What is the release date of the One Piece anime?

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Although its arrival as a live-action show on Netflix was announced last year in January, One Piece has not received any further updates from the streamer. But now, almost after over a year, it’s becoming clear when we can expect this anime to grace our screens.

While no official date has been announced by Netflix yet, anime fans can expect the series to premiere sometime in the summer of 2022, particularly around July, as it would be the 25th.e anniversary month of the manga series from which it is adapted. Since these are just simple possibilities, let us pray that it is not delayed any longer than that!

Who can all be there in one piece?

In a statement, Netflix unveiled the cast to be expected in this show. It includes Emily Rudd trying out the role of Nami, Taz Skylar trying out the role of Sanji, Mackenyu trying out the role of Roronoa Zoro, Iñaki Godoy trying out the role of Monkey D. Luffy, and Jacob Romero Gibson trying out the role of Usopp as main actors .

So far, only this has been for cast members, and more information is expected to get full information in this regard.

What will the story of One Piece be?

One Piece Netflix
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Since the anime will be an adaptation of a manga series, it is likely that the plot would be similar as well.

However, no official synopsis has been shared by the streamer yet, but we can expect the plot to revolve around the protagonist named Monkey D. Luffy, who is in search of a treasure known as the name of One Piece and wants to be the pirate king. For this, he creates his own group of pirates, who call themselves Straw Hat Pirates.

Let’s wait for further confirmation to be made and more information to be revealed about the other cast members.

Other updates on the show

The animated series would consist of a total of ten episodes that would begin production somewhere in early 2022 in South Africa. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed so that there are no more delays in the middle of its production so that its appearance is probably in 2022 itself!