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The anime has come a long way since its debut. It’s evolved in almost every way, with changes in style, animation quality, writing, and more. Fans still have a soft spot for their first anime series, but it’s hard to deny that many of them aren’t holding up like they used to. Whether it’s due to dated animation, dated animation, writing flaws, or simply changes in what’s popular, many anime that were once highly regarded are now all but forgotten.

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Some are still ongoing but have lost some of their luster along the way for these reasons and others which have caused fans to lose interest. Although they were great in their heyday, some anime didn’t stand the test of time and slowly faded into obscurity.

ten The hype for Yo-Kai Watch has died down significantly

At its peak, Yo-kai Watch was a big hit with kids and adults alike. With the game franchise picking up steam, the anime series quickly became a big hit, with the night matching the likes of Pokemon and Digimon. However, the series never managed to maintain its popularity and interest waned rather quickly.

Since the end of the initial series in 2019, Yo-kai Watch has become a thing of the past, and mainstream fans barely pronounce his name. While some resisters remain loyal to the franchise, most have moved on to the next new thing.

9 Elfen Lied has aged badly and is no longer considered a classic

When elf lied was released for the first time, anime fans everywhere couldn’t get enough. It was everything an edgy 2000s teenager hoped for in an anime, with dangerously cute girls and a dark, depressing story. Even over the years, the series remained an anime staple, and many considered it a rite of passage for newcomers who were just beginning their anime journey.

Today most look back elf lied and cringe. From its questionable relationships to its shock value, there’s a lot about the show that hasn’t aged well for modern audiences. While many may still appreciate its influence, most prefer to ignore this old classic.

8 Chobits were everywhere, but now they’re barely recognizable

Each decade has its iconic series that shape the style of the times, and Chobits is one of the most iconic of the 2000s. Its adorable female leader Chi was stuck everywhere anime was sold, and many fans couldn’t get enough of it. Despite its undeniable popularity, Chobits dropped out fairly quickly after the series ended. Fans who had adored him before gave it no further thought.

In today’s modern landscape, Chi and Hideki are barely recognizable, especially compared to more recent anime couples. Many still hold a special place in their hearts for this series, but the hype is gone now that it’s over.

7 Tenchi Muyo is just another harem anime now

Harem anime has been a big thing for a long time, but there’s no such thing as a ’90s harem. Tenchi Muyo was probably one of the biggest harem series at the time. With multiple series, movies, and OVAs, it’s still a huge franchise today. However, it has lost much of its former popularity, even with such an impressive catalog.

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These days, harems cost a penny by the dozen, and Tenchi Muyo is just another face in the crowd. He may have been one of the creators who popularized the genre, but no one really cares these days. Coupled with the fact that many fans no longer care about the harem genre in general, Tenchi and the gang simply don’t stand a chance.

6 Fruits Basket 2001 has been replaced by the reboot

Fruit basket is an important part of shojo, and it’s easily one of the most beloved series in the genre. In the 2000s, the first anime adaptation was as successful as the manga. Unfortunately, it ended before the manga was finished, so many key characters and storylines aren’t present.

Now, with the 2019 reboot, Fruit basket 2001 is practically obsolete. Fans have little reason to watch the first series when the reboot includes the manga’s iconic story in full. Pretty much the only reason anyone gives them a watch these days is purely for nostalgia.

5 Gravitation is an outdated BL romance

Years ago, positive LGBTQ+ representation was rare and far between. Most of the time toxic and unhealthy relationships in BL anime were overlooked, and that was certainly the case with Gravitation. For many longtime anime fans, the series was their introduction to BL. Many were less educated on what good representation looked like, so fans loved the recurring relationship between Shuichi Shindou and Eiri Yuki.

Over the years, many more BL series have made their way into mainstream media, finally getting proper representation. Compared to these modern couples, Shuichi and Yuki’s relationship is questionable at best and abusive at worst, and few fans can stand it anymore.

4 Azumanga Daioh is a forgotten anime staple

Nobody can mention 2000s anime without thinking about Azumanga Daioh. It exploded in popularity upon its debut, becoming one of the most influential series of the decade. In reality, Azumanga DaiohThe influence of is still felt in the slice-of-life genre to this day. Despite this, after the late 2000s, the series eventually faded from fan memories.

While many series have followed that emulate his style, Azumanga Daioh became a product of the times, and hardly any modern fan recognizes it. It was an anime staple at one time, but now it’s only really loved by old school fans.

3 Lucky Star was once an anime giant

Among many other forgotten anime that shaped the 2000s, Good star was one of the greatest. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying the immense popularity he gained during his run. However, much like many other comedy series from the era, it’s become a decade-dated relic that no one really talks about anymore.

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While he’s always left an influential mark on anime, slice-of-life, and comedy, most well-known these days is his catchy OP and that iconic dance. Good star is a shining example of the best anime from the 2000s, and although it has become stale by today’s standards, it is still looked upon fondly.

2 Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy Of Popularity Suddenly Dropped And Never Returned

On its first broadcast, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was a huge success. Fans couldn’t get enough of the dynamic between the eccentric Haruhi and the cynical Kyon, not to mention the rest of the colorful cast. Its goofy premise set it apart, and the ED’s dance number is still remembered today. However, it didn’t take Haruhi long to overstay her reception, and the series’ popularity eventually plummeted.

These days, most find the series cringe-worthy enough, and Haruhi is seen as more annoying than endearing. The series may have resonated with fans at first, but changing tastes, along with the modern anime landscape, have made it impossible for Haruhi Suzumiya to never recover.

1 Yu-Gi-Oh Fans Lost Interest After The Original Series Ended

Yu Gi Oh is a massive franchise that is still releasing new series to this day. Since the debut of the first series, the franchise has had a runaway success and the anime has enjoyed the same popularity. However, once the original anime series finale is over and Yu-Gi-Oh GX began, fans slowly began to lose interest in the anime series.

Now with several series under its belt, the franchise is still going strong. However, that’s more thanks to the trading cards and toys than the anime at this point. Most of the longtime fans don’t even watch the anime anymore and focus more on card collecting and playing games.

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