The original animated series are coming to Disney + next year


Disney announced yesterday that a roster of original K-Dramas, documentaries and animated series will arrive on Disney + next year.

As Deadline reported, Disney is offering four animated series for its nearly two-year-old streaming service. Among them, Twisted Wonderland, an animated adaptation of the famous exclusive Japanese Disney mobile game published by Aniplex and designed by Yana Toboso, the creator of Black Butler. In the game, which launched in March 2020, the main character is summoned to another world by a magic mirror and arrives at a prestigious school of magic called Night Ravens College and meets characters inspired by iconic Disney villains. The game’s opening animation should give you a rough idea of ​​what to expect from the anime.


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The other three anime on Disney’s 2022 plate are Summer Time Rendering, an adaptation of the popular manga series Shonen Jump about a young man who returns to his hometown on Hitogashima Island after learning of his friend’s death. childhood, but now has to deal with the mysteries lurking on the island; Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall, a reboot of the classic Black Rock Shooter anime; and Yojohan Time Machine Blues (working title), a sequel to The Tatami Galaxy.

As for the Korean series, Disney + will be producing a K-Drama called Rookies, a romantic drama set in an elite police academy with sensational K-Pop singer Kang Daniel. A Blackpink documentary commemorating the K-Pop group’s five years is also on its way to the platform, as well as in theaters.

Luke Kang, president of Disney Asia Pacific (APAC), told the regional press and partner event that now is a great time to broadcast anime and Korean shows, as well as content from other Asia-Pacific countries, to a wider global audience, especially given the wild success of Squid Game on Netflix.

“For many decades, The Walt Disney Company has entertained consumers and been an integral part of the local creative ecosystem,” said Kang. “Today we make another commitment by combining the company’s global resources with top Asia-Pacific content creators to develop and produce original stories on Disney +. With the spread of over-the-top services , the emergence of world-class content from Asia-Pacific, and the growing sophistication of consumers, we believe now is the right time for us to deepen our collaboration with the region’s top content creators to deliver seamless storytelling. precedent to a worldwide audience. ”

The aforementioned animated and Korean shows are part of Disney’s plan to greenlight the production of more than 50 original APAC shows through 2023. Disney + is already available in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, and will launch in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. month.

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