“SPY x FAMILY” and an array of animated series heading to Crunchyroll in 2022


Crunchyroll has announced an array of a huge roster of new and upcoming anime series to Anime NYC, which includes the highly anticipated SPY X FAMILY, based on the award-winning manga of the same name, alongside Aoashi, a couple of cuckoos and others. The brand also previewed an exclusive clip of Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

SPY X FAMILY follows the life of an undercover spy who unknowingly marries an assassin as he attempts to continue his mission to infiltrate an elite academy. He enrolls his adopted daughter in the academy, without knowing that she is a telepath!

The animated series will air on Crunchyroll in 2022. It is produced by WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks, starring Kazuhiro Furuhashi (Hunter x hunter) on board as director and Kazuaki Shimada (The promised imaginary land) serving as a character designer.

The anime will be based on the award-winning manga, which was serialized in Shonen Jump + by Shueisha, popular manga magazine, with over 12.5 million copies currently in print.

The global anime brand also unveiled an exclusive clip from the Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Original series. Blade Runner: Black Lotus. After Elle’s journey as she tries to piece her memories together, the series airs new episodes every Saturday.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is the latest installment in the Blade Runner franchise, which takes place between the events of the iconic film and the critically acclaimed Alcon Entertainment film. Blade Runner 2049. An original animated series Adult Swim and Crunchyroll, Blade Runner: Black Lotus will feature thirteen episodes directed by Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama. It is produced by Alcon Entertainment and animation studio Sola Digital Arts, with Shinichiro Watanabe as the creative producer.

According to the official synopsis, Los Angeles 2032. A young woman wakes up with no memories and possessing deadly skills. The only clues to its mystery are a locked data device and a black lotus tattoo. Putting the pieces together, she must hunt down those responsible for her brutal and bloody past to uncover the truth about her lost identity.

Other animated series towards Crunchyroll:

1) Aoashi – This anime is based on the cutting edge soccer manga of the same name, coming to Crunchyroll in April 2022. Aoashi is considered the cutting edge of soccer manga.

The official synopsis reads as follows: “I’ll take you out into the world. Ashito Aoi is a middle school student who lives in Ehime and the ace of a run-of-the-mill football club. The day they lost the final college tournament, Ashito runs along the ocean in frustration, before bumping into a man watching his game. This man is Tatsuya Fukuda, the coach of the school-aged youth team of a leading J-League team, “Tokyo City Esperion FC”. After sensing immense potential in Ashito’s yet unrefined skills, he describes his ambition. “I want to build a team and use it to take over the world. Our club will not be a milestone for players facing the world. Our club is going to be the world. And for that to happen, I’ll need a few ‘aces’ to practice. After hearing Fukuda’s offer, Ashito decides to head to Tokyo and try for his team.

2) A couple of cuckoos – It’s a muddled and chaotic romantic comedy, coming to Crunchyroll soon.

Mixed with the child of another family when he was a baby, the high school student Umino Nagi finally meets his biological parents. The day they meet, he meets Amano Erika, a high school student from a prestigious and rich girls’ school. At her request, he is half-forced to impersonate her boyfriend so that she avoids marrying her fiancé… However, not only are the babies who have been mixed up, but they are also engaged to be one. to the other ! The loving parents of both families officially recognize their engagement and the couple begin to live together. Nagi is in love with her classmate Segawa Hiro, and Erika is determined to rebel against her father, so the couple agree not to get involved with each other.

3) Dance Dance Dancer – This is the first anime adaptation by popular manga artist Asakura George. The next series will be produced by MAPPA and directed by Sakai Munehisa.

Noble dancer, a ballet dancer qualified to dance the role of the prince. Second-year high school student Murao Junpei was fascinated by ballet as a child, but gave up dancing after his father died as he was to become a man. However, one day, a handsome transfer student named Godai Miyako appears in front of him. Miyako notices Junpei’s love for ballet and invites him to dance with her. Together with Miyako’s cousin, Mori Ruou, he begins his career as a full-fledged ballet dancer, aiming to become the best dancer in the world, the Noble Dancer! Only those who have sacrificed everything are allowed to stand tall in the beautiful and harsh world of classical ballet. What will be the fate of a total beginner like Junpei ?!

4) Dawn of the Witch – This new anime follows a normal boy and his companions who set out to truly find each other as they encounter the magical and the extraordinary, will be available on the platform in April 2022.

I do not remember. Who am I? What am I? Seville is a student of an academy of magic who has no memory of before joining school. Not understanding why he is there, the time he spends at the academy seems hollow and empty. And since he doesn’t know how to work hard, his grades are always the lowest of his year. Then, one day, the school principal, Albus, orders Seville to participate in dangerous special training. “I want you to spread the use of magic to an area where they have witch hunts.” It has only been a few years since the war between the church and the witches ended – the world has yet to fully accept witches and their magic. It is the dawn of the witch’s age. It is the story of a young man, a boy who is nothing special, and his companions, who all have heart wounds, set out and eventually meet again.

5) Shikimori is not just a cutie – This romantic comedy is coming to Crunchyroll in April 2022.

The ultimate “crush girlfriend” appears! Izumi’s girlfriend, a naturally unlucky high school student, is his classmate Shikimori. She has a beautiful smile and a kind personality and always seems happy when she is with Izumi. She’s a pretty, cute and loving girlfriend, but when Izumi is in trouble… she turns into a super cool “idol girlfriend”! The fun lives of cute and cool Shikimori, Izumi and their good friends never end! This 1000% Valuable Romantic Comedy Starts Now!

6) In / Specter Season 2 – This original Crunchyroll series will be released next year.

The “supernatural” lives in this world alongside us. Again today, a member of the supernatural community comes to visit their goddess of wisdom, Kotoko Iwanaga, to ask her to help them with their troubles. Next to her is her crush, Kuro Sakuragawa, whom the supernatural dreads greatly. .

It is the story of an unnatural and supernatural couple solving mysterious and supra-rational incidents with invented inference. What will become of the fantastic incidents they face and their romance? A story of romance x supernatural x mystery is about to begin again!

7) Tomodachi game – This series questions the nature of humanity in the face of the ultimate psychological game and is based on the famous comic book series which has sold over two million copies. It will air on Crunchyroll in April 2022.

High school student Katagiri Yuichi, who values ​​friendship above all else, leads a fulfilling life with his close friends Sawagiri Shiho, Mikasa Tenji, Shibe Makoto and Kokorogi Yutori.

However, after a particular incident, they are drawn into a game of debt repayment.

The only way to beat the “Tomodachi Game” is not to doubt your friends. Bound by strong friendships, the game should have been easy, but – The hugely popular comic book that has sold over two million copies is finally turning into anime! Will they trust or betray their precious friends? The true nature of humanity is on display in the ultimate mind game!