SPONSORED POST: New Acura Chiaki’s Journey Animated Series Features Type S Lineup

Acura takes viewers on Chiaki’s Journey with the brand’s first-ever animated series featuring the all-new line of Acura Type S performance vehicles, driven by a young heroine’s quest to overcome multiple challenges on her path to victory. To see the Chiaki’s Journey trailer: acura.us/TrailerChiakisJourney

The new Acura animated series will debut during the Virtual Sundance Film Festival 2022 as Acura returns for a 12th consecutive year as Presenting Sponsor and Official vehicle. Fans can watch all four episodes: 60 and learn more about Chiaki’s Journey and Acura’s Type S lineup at acura.com/type-s.

Chiaki’s Journey tells a fun and exhilarating adventure centered on Chiaki, a young protected driver, and her wise uncle Noboru. These characters represent the legacy and challenger spirit of the Acura brand and its relentless passion for performance. When emotions run high at the local racetrack between Chiaki and her nemesis Erich Kang, Noboru steps in and frames Chiaki, as she prepares to put her family legacy on the line in the biggest race of her life. The complete Acura Chiaki’s Journey series is also on YouTube, with four episodes:

Episode 1 – Volume 1:

Episode 2 – Volume 2:

Episode 3 – Volume 3:

Episode 4 – Volume 4:

The animated series also features the trio of all-new Acura Type S performance models: the MDX Type S 2022 3 row premium SUV, 2022 TLX-Type S sports sedan and 2022 NSX-Type S supercar, the brand’s most powerful and capable 600 horsepower NSX of all time.

“Acura is committed to creating products that embody our precision-engineered performance DNA, and the fun and engaging nature of anime pop culture will help drive momentum for our new Type S lineup,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and responsible for the Acura brand. . “Chiaki’s Journey combines anime with Acura’s ‘Less Talk, More Drive’ cinematic style, expanding our entertainment-type marketing, to attract a new generation of premium car buyers to the Acura brand.”

Chiaki’s Journey is set to music by an all-female Japanese metal band, NEMOPHILE, featuring their track, “Raitei.” Based in Tokyo, the star of NEMOPHILA continues to rise, offering fans a mix of various musical styles ranging from rock to grunge: https://nemophila.tokyo/fr/.

Acura Type S range:

  • The recently launched MDX Type S 2022 is a high-performance version of the brand’s flagship 3-row SUV and the first Acura SUV to wear the Type S badge, making it the most powerful, handling and richly equipped Acura SUV to date.
  • the 2022 TLX-Type S The sports sedan is aimed at spirited driving enthusiasts, with significant upgrades to all elements of the driving experience, including 355 horsepower and torque-vectoring Super-Handling™ all-wheel drive.
  • NSX-Type S is the ultimate expression of Acura’s commitment to precision performance, with Acura’s 2022 supercar delivering 600 horsepower as the most powerful and capable NSX ever.