Sony’s Blade Anime series started streaming online for free

Sony Pictures Television has made the Marvel’s Blade animated series available to stream online for free, joining its Iron Man, Wolverine and X-Men anime.

The first episode of Marvel Anime: Blade is now free for all fans to stream online.

Throwback Toons, a YouTube channel operated by Sony Pictures Television, uploaded the first episode of Marvel Anime: Blade. Entitled “His Name is … Blade”, the full episode features the vampire hunter visiting a nightclub used by vampires to trap their prey for their binge eating. However, before the feast can begin, Blade shows up looking for Deacon Frost, the former vampire who infected his mother many years ago.

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Marvel Anime: Blade is the latest anime from Japanese animation studio Madhouse to be available for free streaming on YouTube. The Blade anime join now Anime Marvel: Iron Man, Marvel Anime: Wolverine, and Marvel Anime: X-Men on the Throwback Toons YouTube channel. Anime Marvel: Iron Man was added on July 31, followed by Anime Marvel: Wolverine August 21 and Anime Marvel: X-Men August 29.

The Marvel Anime The series was a joint venture between Marvel, Sony Pictures, and Madhouse that resulted in four animated series and two animated films. Each Marvel Anime ran for 12 episodes each and featured comic book writer Warren Ellis as one of the producers. The films created as part of the collaboration were Iron Man: The Rise of Technovore and Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher.

Marvel Anime: BladeThe Japanese voice cast of includes Akio Ohtsuka, Junko Minagawa, Tsutomu Isobe, Maaya Sakamoto, Osamu Saka, Rikiya Koyama and Masato Hagiwara. The English cast stars Harold Perrineau, Noah Bentley, JB Blanc, Kim Mai Guest, Troy Baker, Milo Ventimiglia and Steve Blum.

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Source: YouTube via Anime News Network

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