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Nowadays, the basic digital sketch of Anime girls with the use of Photoshop has been such that if you get professional to create one, you can get hired in an international brand of games or clothing. You can see the growing popularity of anime girls in every TV commercial, book, and clothing brand, as well as in promotions for new toys. And all this will only bring a lot of money in your pocket if you learn the basics of drawing an anime girl. In this article, you will learn from basic techniques to professional techniques to make one.

The first steps in creating an anime girl base

Draw the overhang of a female body structure.

When you start to draw your main goal is to make sure everyone has the wrong proportions and measurements, otherwise take a sample map from a sketching website. The relationship of each part of the body should be fluid so that nothing seems out of the way or adds to the eye of the beholder. Everything has to be the right size and in the right place. You can exaggerate a bit on some parts of the body by increasing or decreasing the proportion. This will add additional insight into the character’s personality. It can add a cute look with big eyes or an evil look with short eyes.

To draw the main sketch, start by drawing a vertical line in the middle of the page. Make sure you don’t use a darker line, keep your pencil or digital pen as light as a feather. The purpose of drawing the vertical line is to balance the two sides of the sketch so that nothing more or less happens. It would be great if horizontal lines were added as well. This will keep the body parts in the same line neither above nor below. Drawing both views at once is a more professional step because you will be finishing the sketch at the same time. Rather than going to the other side later.

Draw the head

anime girl base head

To draw the base head of the anime girl, be sure to redo the vertical and horizontal lines, remember to keep your pencil or pen as light as a feather, take a reference or help yourself of a small circular object like a coin. When you are done drawing the circle, give it a slightly oval shape. Add details after some time of complete head preparation.

Base Anime Girl Full Body Draw

basic body structure of an anime girl

Making a more realistic drawing is different from making a cartoon. If we got more realistic, the size of the head would be made shorter in the anime, but the head would have to be bigger than the body in the anime. You can draw a layer of smaller circles under the head on the left and right sides, as this will erase the image of the shoulder design. As you created the shoulder indications in the previous step, now start drawing the arms, gently bringing the body in a prominent flow.

Sketch the lower part of the body

anime girl basic body with briefcase

Start with the legs and keep the measurement of the legs shorter than the body as in almost half of it. Follow up with the vertical and horizontal lines made earlier in the early stages of the sketch

The final steps to finish the anime girl

anime girl base on newscase

Add the details of the completed sketch. Eyes, nose, and ears may use darker shades. Make the hair as short or as long. Add clothes of your choice, shirt pants or shoes would look good enough. Repeat with the vertical and horizontal lining techniques. Since the body is slim and fitted, be sure to wear clothes. Don’t forget to add some basic colors to the design of a fabric that glides lightly on your body. Add different shades to the outfit and to the hair. make sure that the more shadow you add, the more visually pleasing the silhouette.


Just master how to create an anime girl base and there will be so many opportunities for you to get into any commercial agency, advertising agency also in product marketing. There are many; jobs waiting at your doorstep only if you are a master at creating an anime girl base.


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