Singer-songwriter Elvis Costello highly recommends the Keep Your Hands Off animated series from Eizouken!

In a recent column for GuardianEnglish singer-songwriter Elvis Costello expressed his appreciation for the anime Hands off Eizouken! He not only liked the series, but also the anime’s opening theme song, “Easy Breezy”, saying it was a “very cool theme song”.

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Reading further in the column, Costello shared that the anime had an impact on him. No wonder he wanted to write about it. He praised the anime’s storyboard right down to its music. Many people can certainly agree that this anime was very different from the hundreds of anime series, as the anime (based on the manga of the same name) addresses the process of making an anime project and a lot of passion and resources. necessary to create it works.

The anime adaptation received a lot of positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It even won the Crunchyroll Awards for Best Animation last year. Although there are always other series that talk about animation process like Shiro bako, Hands off Eizouken! shares a deeper bond with animation and the passion that goes with it.

Many people have hoped that Hands off Eizouken will get a second season because it deserves it. However, there are still no words or even slight hints of a second season in the works as of this writing.

Hands off Eizouken focuses on Midori Asakusa, who has long dreamed of becoming an anime creator. After reaching her first year of high school, she coaches her friends Sayaka Kanamori and Tsubame Mizusaki in the creation of their first animated short. Each of the girls has their own unique talents and abilities. Midori has the skills of a creative anime director, Kanamori is good at finances and stays on budget, and Tsubame is notable for his attention to detail in movement. If you are looking for a fantastic underdog series to watch then this series should be it!

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