Qix-like game with ‘Mokoko X’ anime girls revealed for PC


Naisu announced that its Qix-like arcade game, Mokoko X, will arrive on PC via Steam on April 7, 2022. A release on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is also planned.

This is a sequel to the original Mokoko, which featured similar gameplay mechanics. However, it has been announced that this version of the game will be removed from Steam within a month, for no reason given.

Mokoko X features 32 levels with 24 boss fights. The remaining 8 levels are considered “mega-levels” where players will fight 3 bosses from previous levels at the same time. The goal here is to help the girls by uncovering sections of the portrait without taking damage.

The game features Japanese and English voiceovers for the characters and animated illustrations. There are various enemies throughout the game as well as traps, towers, creations, and bonus effects. An arcade mode has been added, but the story mode offers interactions with the girls because you can inspect their rooms.

This game was announced months before its release, but at the moment it doesn’t look like the developer is looking to launch another Kickstarter like the original was received. Regardless, will cover its development.

You can watch the gameplay trailer below, which gives a better idea of ​​the puzzle action and gameplay mechanics: