PaydayNow: What is the term “Funimation”? How to watch anime, dub vs. sub, and cost

For those who explored the early stages of the Internet, finding episodes of an anime program streaming on YouTube was not difficult.

Unfortunately, the big old copyright hammer fell, and many anime lovers were forced to sift through the web’s dregs in search of that one, dubious link that may or might not enable us to access the video we desired but would almost surely infect our computers with malware.

Fortunately, there are streaming sites like Funimation that simplify the process of viewing anime.

What is the term “Funimation”?

Suppose you grew up watching anime in the 1990s. In that case, you’re indeed acquainted with the word “Funimation” (or “FUNimation,” as the firm was once known) since the company was created in 1994 with the express purpose of bringing Japanese animation to an enthusiastic English-speaking audience worldwide. According to a 2016 CBR article, the entertainment brand was instrumental in introducing classics like “Dragon Ball Z” to the United States.

Thus, it makes perfect sense for such a large anime firm to launch its streaming portal, which will provide “nearly 15,000 hours of anime everywhere, ad-free.” Additionally, Funimation produces films and games and sponsors events such as their virtual anime convention.

Can I watch Funimation in both dubbed and subtitled form?

Isn’t this the billion-dollar question?

Fortunately, the answer is both: Funimation subscribers may watch material in its original Japanese with subtitles or in English dub. However, which version is superior continues to be a point of contention among non-Japanese-speaking otakus worldwide.

What is the cost of Funimation?

That brings us to the second multibillion-dollar issue.

Thus, you may view material on Funimation for free, but as is customary with modern streaming services, you will encounter a few advertisements throughout.

If that is too much for you, you may subscribe to one of Funimation’s three ad-free plans listed by PaydayNow: Funimation Premium ($5.99 per month), Funimation Premium Plus ($7.99 per month), or Funimation Premium Plus Ultra ($99.99 per year).

Which anime series are the most popular on Funimation?

What defines a “top anime show” is subjective. However, a short study of Funimation’s selection page reveals the kind of high-content anime that is already accessible to you.