Orbital Children trailer shows struggle to survive in space in animated series

Netflix unveiled a new trailer for the space anime Orbital children, which shows a distant future where space travel is widely available, humans can live on the moon, and AI is miles ahead of what it is now. The six-episode series comes from the director Mitsuo Iso and is his first work as a director since the Coil Dennou series. The first three episodes debut exclusively on the streamer on January 28 and in theaters in Japan only on the same day.

Orbital children follows five children, two born on the Moon and three on Earth, who are abandoned in a new Japanese space hotel following a horrific accident. It’s the year 2045 and technology has advanced by leaps and bounds with social media, AI and the internet being ubiquitous, leaving kids with few tools to work with. With a narrow band, low-intelligence AI, a social network, and a drone piloted through an AR device, they work together to survive in a place that is quickly becoming uninhabitable for humans.


The trailer gives us a tense look at the dire situation the kids find themselves in. After a brief introduction, we see the hotel collapsing with water flooding the station and holes in the walls threatening to suck children into open space. It quickly becomes apparent that there are greater forces at play here, but as world officials talk of a terrorist plot, the children spot an attack ship approaching the hotel and, via the network social, they receive the disturbing message that “36.79% of humanity must be eliminated.” All the while, there are mentions of a mysterious Seven Poem that seems to have prophesied all of this.

Picture via Netflix

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The trailer comes with a reveal of the anime’s stacked main voice. The stars of the series Natsumi Fujiwara (GOOD SUITE) like Touya Sagami, Azumi Waki (Tokyo avengers) like Konoha B Nanase, Kensho Ono (Kuroko’s Basketball) as Taiyo Tsukuba, Chinatsu Akasaki (Re: ZERO) as Mina Misasa, Yumiko Kobayashi (soul eater) like Hiroshi Tanegashima, and Mariya Ise (kakegurui) like Houston NASA.

Iso is an industry veteran, between directing work and hosting massive shows like Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelionand ghost in the shell. He will write and direct for Orbital children with Kenichi Yoshidawho is in charge of character design and Toshiyuki Inoue lead animations. Production +h produces the series.

Orbital children will air its first three episodes on Netflix and in theaters on January 28, with the final three dropping on February 11. Check out the trailer for Orbital children below.

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