One-piece limited edition Crunchyroll collection

One Piece Limited Edition Collection | Source: Crunchyroll

Did you dream of discovering the new One Piece merch? No need to go looking, because the creators of Crunchyroll are launching a collection of limited edition One Piece clothing to celebrate the anime’s 1,000th episode!

The action animated series is still going strong after 20 years of episodes, following the journeys of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates who accompany Luffy on his way to become the King of All Pirates and uncover the treasure. ultimate – the One Piece!

The new Crunchyroll collection includes 14 hoodies and t-shirts featuring members of the Straw Hat Pirates crew. There’s a goldenrod hoodie, for example, that showcases the Straw Hat Pirates Sniper Usopp. The character is presented at his most confident on the back of the gold sweatshirt through three panels that depict Usopp in action. The same Usopp design is also available on a Goldenrod T-shirt. In addition to Usopp merchandise, the collection features colorful pieces showcasing Franky, Luffy, Chopper, Brook, and the entire Straw Hat Pirates crew.

The One Piece collection is available exclusively at with prices ranging from $ 29.95 to $ 59.95.