New Spice & Wolf Greenlit Anime Series, Trailer Released

A new anime based on the anime series by Isuna Hasekura Spice & Wolf has been greenlit and is currently in development.

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The news came via a brief trailer for the series which appeared on Hasekura’s official website. The announcement did not specify exactly whether or not the anime would be a remake of the original. Spice & Wolf series which premiered in 2008, but the anime’s catchphrases – “Are we going to start a journey again?” and “The Story of Holo the Wise Wolf and Lawrence the Merchant Continues.” – seem to hint that this could be a new iteration.

Check Spice & Wolf anime series teaser below:

the original Spice & Wolf the anime premiered in January 2008, with 12 episodes before it ended. The manga, meanwhile, spanned 10 years, spanning 16 volumes between September 2007 and December 2017, and became one of the most popular manga series of its time. The original light novel premiered in February 2006 and continues to run to this day, with 23 volumes written to date.

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“The life of a traveling salesman is a lonely life, a fact Kraft Lawrence knows well,” reads the official synopsis for the series. “Wandering from town to town with just his horse, cart and all the goods that came his way, the peddler settled pretty well into his routine, that is, until the night Lawrence found a goddess sleeping wolf in her cart. Taking the form of a fetching girl with wolf ears and a tail, Holo has grown tired of tending to the crops in the countryside and makes a deal with the merchant to lend him the ruse of ‘Holo the Wisewolf’ to increase his profits in exchange for taking him on his travels. What kind of businessman could turn down such an offer? Lawrence soon learns, however, that having an ancient goddess as his companion journey can be a bit of a mixed blessing. Will this wolf prove too wild to tame?”