Merch Anime: Crunchyroll Loves Jujutsu Kaisen Streetwear


This collection includes tons of clothes and a beanie. | Source: Crunchyroll

The trained warriors of Tokyo Jujutsu High have attracted a lot of attention from anime fans. Jujutsu kaisen, which tells the tale of characters fighting the cursed spirits of the world, has grown in popularity and even won the Anime of the Year at the Anime Awards this year! Such a remarkable series should have products of the same quality celebrating its characters.

Fortunately Crunchyroll has Jujutsu kaisenis back with a brand new streetwear line! Part of the Crunchyroll Loves series, this new collection follows a Jujutsu kaisen x UNIQLO clothing collection that was discontinued earlier this summer.

Crunchyroll’s Cursed collection features grunge streetwear with styles that can conjure any spirit in the Jujutsu kaisen universe. First of all, there are three t-shirts in this line: a white t-shirt decorated with stunning show artwork; a black T-shirt with Sukuna’s cursed red finger on a character’s green tongue; and a black t-shirt with the main protagonist, Yuji Itadori. These shirts cost $ 29.95 each.

This collection includes two items of clothing for Yuji Itadori: a t-shirt and a long-sleeved shirt. | Source: Crunchyroll

Next, the collection has two long sleeve tops ($ 42.95 each) celebrating the protagonists of Jujutsu kaisen. The first is colored in white and black tie-dye with pictures of Megumi Fushiguro on the front and back. The second features iconic quotes from the protagonist scattered across the shirt. There are also two photos of Yuji Itadori on the front and back. In each, he is in a fighting stance and ready to face the negative emotions of humanity. The line also has a black, long-sleeved crew neck ($ 59.95) with images of Satoru Gojo, including one of him laughing across the front.

Fans can also purchase a bright red sweatshirt ($ 59.95) with the iconic Jujutsu Kaisen poster on the back. Finally, fans can pair this sweatshirt with an acid wash beanie ($ 34.95) that has the anime’s name on the brim.

Fans of Jujutsu kaisen have until September 6 to pre-order these items. We know you don’t get improved speed like the characters in the anime, but it’s best to run and order them now – this is a limited edition line, and these parts are available exclusively. on the Crunchyroll store. While waiting for streetwear to arrive, fans can stream their favorite Jujutsu kaisen scenes on Crunchyroll.