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Lady Gaga, an artist known for her oversized fashion and theatrical performances, caused a media sensation in Japan. There to promote his new album, Pop art, the singer had the chance to come face to face with four life-size silicone dolls … sculpted in her image.

Manufactured by Orient Industry, based in Tokyo, a company specializing in “love dolls”, the GAGADOLL were made using exact anatomical measurements and realistic silicone skin. When users kiss the dolls and press their ears against the dolls chest, they hear traces of Pop art, thanks to the bone conductive audio technology integrated into the bodies.

Here is a video showing how the dolls were made:

For Japanese fans keen to learn more about Gaga’s album and the pop star’s latest news, Yahoo! Japan partnered with the singer and doll makers to create a interactive site which at first glance looks like a long scrolling image of a GAGADOLL. Clicking on the doll reveals an array of icons and links, allowing users to access various social media pages of Lady Gaga, her Universal music Japan page, news and links to others Yahoo! Japan sites.

During her press conference, Lady Gaga also announced that she would be auctioning a model inspired by Gaga. Hello Kitty doll, whose proceeds will support her new charity for the Tohoku region.

Of course, his media blitz didn’t end just with the GAGADOLL. She also appeared alongside the Japanese pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on the Japanese music show, Station M, made like an anime character.

Truly, like an anime character.

Here is a snapshot of her Instagram:

And if you want to see the outfit in action, here’s a Video clip of her swaying with a blurry keytar, and a look behind the scenes of her animated.

She also made an appearance on the variety show, SMAP X SMAP, performing “Venus” and “Applause”, wearing a jacket designed by Kansai Yamamoto.

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