CrunchyRoll Confirms Funimation’s Dubbed/Subtitled Anime Series Will Merge in May 2022

Announced a few months ago, following a series of acquisitions over the past year, Funimation’s anime streaming service is gradually transitioning to CrunchyRoll, with the latter set to be discontinued at a later date. . With both services still actively maintained in the meantime, while current streams can be found exclusively on CrunchyRoll, the anime series backcatalog will be done over a period of months. This means that those who only want one official anime subscription platform have to choose between the new and the old. But that may not be the case in May 2022.

While there are still a ton of new series to move, CrunchyRoll today confirmed previously released works that will be made available through their service this month, both subtitled and dubbed. Scroll down to see if your favorite shows have made it to May 2022.

Coming to CrunchyRoll Subbed or Subbed+Dubbed in May 2022


Chronicle of Shironeko’s ZERO Project (Project n°9)

The war between the kingdoms of light and darkness has been raging since the beginning of time. But the new Prince of Darkness is destined to change that.

Kemono Michi: Get up (ENGI)

3,2,1…RUMBLE! Professional wrestler Genzo is tasked by the princess to slay the kingdom’s beasts, but he opens a pet shop to save them instead!


Minato Kiyomizu quit water polo after an accident left him with no memory of college, but a promise got him back.

MAY 10

space dandy Seasons 1-2 (OS)

Space Dandy is a dandy in space! This dreamy adventurer with a pompadour to die for travels the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever seen. Each new species he discovers earns him a nice reward, but this dandy has to be quick because it’s first come, first served!

Initial D First step (Galop / Comet Studio)

Takumi’s job as a tofu delivery man had made him one of the best drivers around. His life kicks into high gear when the street racing world takes notice.

Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions (Pictures A-1)

After waking up in the dark with no memory of where he came from, Haruhiro sets off on an adventure to a fantasy world called “Grimgar”.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis (Satelight)

A young noble is captured by a handsome enemy general. Working together, they will rally the warrior goddesses and save her homeland.

MAY 17

Trigun (Crazy’s house)

Vash the Stampede is a sought-after gunslinger with a habit of turning entire towns into rubble. His path of destruction crosses the wastelands of a desert planet. Oddly enough, for such an infamous outlaw, there is no evidence that he ever took his life. In fact, he’s a pacifist who’s more doofus than desperado. There’s certainly a lot more to Vash than his reputation suggests.

Click on the link (studio LAN)

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang use superpowers to grab customer photos one by one, no matter how dangerous. Welcome to “Time Photo Studio”!

Click on the link Special Shorts (Studio LAN)

Special shorts include “Troubles with Xiaoyaosanren” and “The Daily Life in Lightime”.

black lagoon Seasons 1-2 (Madhouse)

Businessman Rokuro enters a world of arms trafficking, drug dealing and kidnapping when his life is hijacked by the Black Lagoon crew.

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA 1-5 (Madhouse)

When Diego Lovelace is killed, his maid, ex-terrorist Roberta, sets out on a quest for revenge. His pursuit of those responsible brings him to Roanapur, where the Black Lagoon crew becomes involved in their murderous quest.

Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid – (Arms)

After the “Mermaid” Mamori is transferred to a remote island, she is attacked and eventually rescued by another transfer named Mirei.

Initial D Second step (Pastel)

Initial D Third Stage (DEEN Studio)

Nekopara (Felix Film)

Six cute catgirls (or “Nekos”) work together in a clothing store run by Kashou Minaduki. From baking to shopping, they love helping their human owners. But a chance encounter with a little kitten is about to change everything…

MAY 24

sonny boy (Crazy’s house)

It’s an ordinary summer vacation…except Nagara High School has mysteriously drifted into another dimension. As the students begin to develop strange new powers, will they work together to survive the alien environment and find a way home, or will their newly formed factions and rivalries turn on each other?

Banned from heroes party, I decided to live a quiet country life (Wolfsbane and Studio Flad)

Red was once part of the Hero’s Party, a group meant to save the world by battling the Raging Demon Lord. But after being betrayed by his comrade, Red hopes to start afresh by opening a small apothecary in a sleepy border town. While the goal is to keep her past life a secret, it won’t be easy…especially when a beautiful adventurer from her past asks to move in.


In a world terrorized by monstrous life forms, the future of humanity will be decided by a girl with a positive attitude and cantankerous mechanics.

The gymnastic samurai (MAPPA)

Jotaro Aragaki, a former member of the national team, had given his whole life to gymnastics. However, things change one day…

Goods Lost From Heaven Seasons 1-2 (AIC ASTA)

Girl-crazed Tomoki’s quiet life is turned upside down when the magnificent winged Ikaros falls from the sky and starts calling her Master!

Initial D Fourth stage (ACGT)

Dubs heading to CrunchyRoll in May 2022

CrunchyRoll Confirms Funimation's Dubbed/Subtitled Anime Series Will Merge in May 2022


Fairy tale Seasons 3–4 (A-1 and Satelight footage)

When four young wizards from Fiore’s most destructive guild band together to take jobs, they forge a bond more powerful than any magic.

ISEKAI QUARTET Season 1 (Studio Puyukai)

Your favorite isekai characters return for more exciting crossovers! This time, the Shield Hero joins Raphtalia and Filo.

Prison school (JCStaff)

The school is run by a secret council of sadistic female students. The boys are in a world of suffering.

Chronicle Chain – The Light of Haecceitas – (Telecom / Graphicnica Animation Film)

Humans, fairies and other mythical creatures live in peace on the continent of Yggdra until a mysterious group, the Black Army, appears.

Harukana Receive (C2C)

Roommates Haruka and Kanata put on their swimsuits to punish each other, but beach volleyball is harder than they thought!

MAY 10

Children’s Tsurure (Studio Gokumi)

Short vignettes explore student pairs and offer insight into the unique and amusing situations that can occur in a high school romance.

Fairy tale Seasons 5-6 (A-1 Pictures and Satelight)

ISEKAI QUARTET Season 2 (Studio Puyukai)

MAY 17

Fairy tale Seasons 7 (A-1 footage and bridge)

MAY 24

Fairy tale Season 8 (A-1 Pictures/Bridge)

Final Season of Fairy Tail Season 9 (A-1 Pictures/Bridge/CloverWorks)

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