Billie Eilish cancels animation collection after plagiarism controversy


Billie Eilish has called off her fashion collaboration with Siberia Hills after the brand apologized for plagiarizing the works of a popular anime artist.

Until recently, the streetwear collection was available for purchase through Billie’s online shopping portal. The designs have since been removed from the site and removed from the singer’s social media accounts.


The drama fell apart when fans noticed that the images on the items were originally created by an artist known as @m_qurokawa. The backlash prompted Siberia Hills to publicly apologize for “taking” her artwork without her permission.

“To the talented artist Mr. Qurokawa, we apologize for taking your artwork for our merchandise collection with Billie Eilish. Billie and her team weren’t aware that we were using your art, they just believed in the product.

“We were the creative force behind this collaboration. To Billie and her fans, we apologize for causing this problem. These items will not be published. To those who have already purchased, you will be refunded.”

@m_qurokawa also commented on the situation online, claiming her illustrations of Nozomi from Love Live! are protected by copyright and that the company did not have the right to use its work. nozomi-deleted% 2F

“My fan art is copyrighted fan art of an existing character. The copyright belongs to the original owner, ”he tweeted. “Unauthorized goods are not allowed. “

Billie has not commented on the controversy, but Siberia Hills has promised refunds to anyone who purchased items from the collection and kept the singer away from his own mistakes.


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