Best anime girls chosen by IGN SEA

If you are an anime fan, you must have heard of the term “best girl”. If you haven’t, best girl refers to someone’s favorite female character in an anime, but sometimes guys fall into that category as well.

At IGN South East Asia, we decided to share our top favorite girls and justify why. Here we are!


Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen

Brash and confident girl, Nobara Kugisaki shows an incredible love for herself to the point that she would get angry if someone belittled her appearance or slapped her face. She has amazing skills and is fearless.

In a battle, she is equipped with a hammer and nails with multiple abilities for her curses such as resonance, hairpin, etc. Added to his curses are his incredible strength, intelligence and a sassy demeanor. She can be seen putting her enemies down as she fights, even when incredibly injured and on the verge of death.

Tohsaka Rin – Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks

Tenacious, seductive, intriguing and incredibly intelligent, Tohsaka Rin is definitely one of those girls that many dream of. With her tsundere air, why not love this girl? For those who don’t know her, Rin is Archer’s master in Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks.

As a mage, she follows in her father’s footsteps using jewelry magic. On top of that, she also has some martial arts knowledge to protect herself as she lives on her own. She would enhance her body with jewelry magic to make her physical attacks stronger.

She has a rather tragic past but still manages to flourish. It is likely that if his father had not died his personality would have become very different as he is extremely cold and ruthless compared to Rin who is kind and empathetic.

Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to waifus anime. Her impressive fighting skills, intelligence, and loyalty to Eren is something that I’m sure attracts a lot to her. She’s pretty close to Levi when it comes to fighting skills and I’m sure a lot of us have hoped to see them face off against each other someday.

Plus, she’s the only one of the main characters who doesn’t have the ability to transform into a titan. Despite this, she is still able to take down many, including the Female Titan (for a brief moment) on her own.

Other than that, he is a kind and loyal person with a soft spot for children. The only thing I want to hear less of is probably “EREEEHHH!”.

Erythrocytes / Red Blood Cells (AE3803) – Cells at work!

AE3803 is, without a doubt, waifu material in our book in part because of her unwavering determination to complete her tasks independently despite being mindless, clumsy, and new to her job. In the manga and the anime, she has no way of defending herself against bacteria and viruses.

But that doesn’t mean she completely rejects aid. Whenever White Blood Cell (U-1146) offers to help him out of a sticky situation. It is an admirable trait. Part of building a healthy relationship is recognizing that your partner is supportive of you!

And relationships are a two-way street. It is heartwarming to know that despite her limited abilities and the various challenges she faces, AE3803 maintains a bubbly and cheerful demeanor and is always ready to offer help to those in need.

My only gripe with her is that she also apologizes too much for all the mistakes she makes, but she more than makes up for that shortcoming by becoming even more determined than ever to get the job done.

Miku – The Way of the Housewife Husband

Similar to Mrs. Red Blood Cell, Miku is career focused and determined to work full time to support both her husband Tatsu’s modest lifestyle.

While her character is not fully explored in the manga and anime, there is no doubt that she is definitely waifu material. We’re sure Tatsu himself would attest to that. After all, he was ready to leave behind his “high-flying” work as a leading member of the Yakuza and become a stay-at-home husband to support his wife’s work as a professional designer.

But that doesn’t mean she’s all work and no play! Although she wears corporate attire in almost every chapter and episode, Miku is a geek at heart and is a huge fan of Crimewatch PriCure, a fictional anime that obsesses her.

She’s even willing to spend her hard-earned cash on Crimewatch PriCure’s Blu-ray box as well as some expensive action figures! The ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance is probably a quality that many of us can appreciate in a waifu.

Rem – Re: Zero

Although he’s only a secondary character, Rem is certainly one of the shining stars of Re: Zero. Kind, humble and incredibly selfless, she is presented as a very strong character in the anime. Rem is incredibly supportive of Emilia despite being the apple of Subaru’s eye.

Her endless desire for Subaru can be boring, but it is very admirable how much she goes out of her way to protect him. Moreover, she is also very close to her sister, Ram, who is very cute.

Sakura Haruno – Naruto

This one can be a bit controversial as many Naruto enthusiasts often say that Sakura is useless. However, I believe the writers of Naruto really messed it up. Some of the coolest fights we see in Naruto are definitely Sakura’s (her fight against Sasori was amazing!).

She is incredibly strong, intelligent and independent and it is very unfortunate that the writers chose for her to yearn over and over again for Sasuke. I’m incredibly angry that she ended up with him despite the way he had treated her!

All I can say is Sakura deserved better and is definitely waifu material.

Ochako Uraraka – My Hero Academia

Extremely cute with the most interesting super power, Ochako manages to shine despite a power few would qualify as useful. She is able to control gravity and has managed to show how useful this ability can be, especially when combined with the abilities of her other classmates.

Described as bubbly and laid back, Ochako can be blunt at times without realizing it. However, she does it because she cares about her classmates. Warm, friendly and empathetic, she will always try to help or defend everyone to the best of her ability.

On the other hand, when she is in competitive mode, you will see a very different behavior when it comes to her. She is quick in her sensations and incredibly strategic.

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