Assault Lily Project is a new Freemium game about cute anime girls shooting each other

If you’ve been following the anime side of Assault Lily Bouquet, then now is the time to be a big fan. The official Youtube channel for the Assault Lily Project franchise just teased a new video, and it’s for the mobile game spin-off, Assault Lily Last Bullet, from Bushiroad and Pokelabo. You also won’t have to wait long. Assault Lily Bullet is available on iOS and Android on January 20.

For the unknown, Assault Lily is a multimedia franchise that includes 1/12 scale action dolls from Azone International, an animated series you can stream on Funmation’s services, and now a mobile game. Currently, dolls consist of two toy lines in the form of Custom Lily and Assault Lily, and they can get quite expensive as a premium collectible. The names are just as they sound, with the Custom Lily line offering all kinds of makeup, hairstyle and more.

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According to an Anime News Network translation of a Gamer article, the series continues to focus on adorable anime girls battling it out with big, sturdy guns with its new mobile version. The Assault Lily Last Bullet mobile game should include some characters you already know if you’re following the series, as well as a few new ones to boot. Even though it’s short, the promo video is pretty cute!

Will Western fans have the chance to see it appear in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store? Who knows, but we hope that Funimation’s streaming dub and submarine will be successful and encourage the release of mobile gaming outside of Japan. Otherwise, fans of media based outside of Japan always find a way.

The series was not without hiccups. Like many things in 2020, Assault Lily Bouquet has been delayed and missed its original air date. Thankfully, it was able to push its debut back to October of this year and air successfully while keeping its cast and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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