Anime Merchandising: New Yu-Gi-Oh! Merch coming this year


Yu Gi Oh ! launches a new line of lifestyle and fashion products! | Source: Konami Cross Media

Yu Gi Oh ! reinvents itself!

That’s right, the popular collectible card game is expanding its merchandise repertoire to include branded lifestyle and fashion products, aimed at targeting the nostalgic. Gen-Z fans who grew up playing the game.

Inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh! anime/ magna roots, Hyland will release a capsule collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! clothing and interior design this fall. The streetwear brand will kick off with pop-up store events in New York City October 9-10 and Los Angeles October 15-17.

Yu Gi Oh ! partners with new licensees, including branded skateboard and underwear collections! | Source: Konami Media / The Pop Insider

For skateboarders, Madrid Skateboards will offer a range of Yu-Gi-Oh! skateboards in time for the holiday season. The board game features Yugi Muto with two hands full of collectible cards, as well as the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! logo.

PSD Underwear is also releasing a line of Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired underwear including underwear, boys’ shorts and sports bras. Available in the spring, these colorful pieces will showcase fan favorite characters. And finally, for car enthusiasts, Yu-Gi-Oh! is in partnership with Tuned in Tokyo, a clothing brand specializing in products for fans of the Japanese home market (JDM). Instead of their usual Honda and Toyota hoodies, the brand will be moving towards adapting the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! for JDM fans in a collection coming out this winter.

There’s no question that Gen-Z is cooler than all of us – and now they’re going to rock their Yu-Gi-Oh! merch to the skatepark. As long as it’s chic, candle-lit, and sassy (yeah!).


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