Anime Merch: Casetify Releases Dragon Ball Z Collection

Casetify’s Dragon Ball Z Collection will be available for purchase July 28 | Source: Casetifier

Casetify has teamed up with Dragon Ball Z – the fan-favorite anime series full of action, adventure and teamwork – to launch a limited-edition collection that brings epic battles and characters from the series to your technology.

Dragon Ball Z characters – including Goku, Piccolo and Frieza – will be available on impact phone cases in orange, green and purple. Some cases will be made from 65% recycled materials and coated with DEFENSiFY coating, the brand’s antimicrobial coating that kills 99% of bacteria.

Holographic and Lenticular Cases | Source: Casetify

The collection will also include a new collection of holograms and lenticular cases that showcase Frieza and Goku’s signature move, “Kamehameha.” Each turn of the case will show the movement of the character, as if in combat!

Other tech accessories in the collection include a 3D radar dragon AirPods case, other case designs for AirPods and AirPod Pros, MacBook cases, MagSafe wallets, MagSafe wireless chargers, Apple Watch bands, AirTag holders and Nintendo Switch cases. Fans in Asia will have access to exclusive merchandise as part of the collection, including a Dragon-Ball inspired basketball and a limited edition water bottle.

MagSafe Accessories and iPad Cases | Source: Casetifier

Prices for Casetify x Dragon Ball Z accessories will range from $35 to $85, and the full collection will be available from July 28 on In the meantime, fans can sign up for priority access to the collection ahead of launch on the Casetify website. Casetify will also be launching a giveaway on the Casetify Co-Lab Instagram page, in which seven lucky fans will win exclusive items from the collection.