8 Most Iconic Anime Girls With Blue Hair

Anime was a word that only referred to anime from Japan. Today, that can mean almost any type of serialized anime, regardless of country of origin, but the iconic image of the blue-haired anime girl still seems to be confined to studio cartoons. japanese animation.

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The term “bluenette” is part of the anime lexicon and actually refers to any character whose hair is not a natural color. This means that even characters who have green or purple hair can be referred to by this term. However, the girls featured here literally have blue hair and are famous for it.

8 Shino Asada, Sword Art Online II

Shino Asada, Sword Art Online II

This part of the series brings the vast universe of ODS at Story Arc 3 and a new FPS MMO called gun gale online. Shino doesn’t star in the arc, but in literary terms, she’s the story’s deuteragonist. This means that she is as important to the plot as the main protagonist and can even switch places with him.

Shino started playing Gun Gale Online to overcome her own fear of guns, and the result is that she becomes one of GGO’s deadliest snipers. This continues in other games featured in the popular isekai franchise, including ALfheim Online, in which she plays an archer Cait Sith.


seven Nefertari Vivi, One Piece

Princess Vivi, One Piece

Nefertari Vivi is the princess of Arabasta, but she’s not exactly a stereotypical princess and the kingdom operates more like a crime family than a political entity. She has a number of aliases that are as interesting as her character and reflect her importance in the overall plot of one of the longest-running shows in anime history.

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Initially an antagonist, Nefertari is simply referred to as Bounty Hunter when introduced. She reappears under the codename Miss Wednesday when she aligns herself with the Straw Hats in an effort to undermine a rival gang, the Baroque Works, who threaten Arabasta. After retiring to her home country to live the life of a royal, she is known simply as Princess Vivi.

6 Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury, whose real name is Ami Mizuno, is sometimes overlooked as part of a team of superheroes who have the power to destroy planets and stop time. She’s the brains of the operation, quietly doing the research and making the plans, and though she’s the quietest, she might be the most important.

Sailor Mercury was the very first soldier to join Sailor Moon. Between Mars and Moon fighting for most of the first season over who should be the group leader, she was the only reason they weren’t killed before Jupiter arrived.

5 Wendy MarvellFairy Tail

Wendy MarvellFairy Tail

Wendy Marvell is one of the Sky Dragon Slayers, and it’s obvious from the start that she didn’t choose this life for herself. It’s a complex selection process, but some orphans are chosen to be killers more by chance than by skill. Wendy’s character arc is that she must become a decent Sky Dragon Slayer even though she is short, shy, hates fighting, and suffers from motion sickness, an iconic character trope that appears in many anime.

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Wendy’s power comes from her abilities as a magic user, with the ability to manipulate air for various purposes. This includes offensive spells like Dragon’s Roar as well as handy healing spells.

4 Stocking Anarchy, Panties and Stockings with Garter Belt

Stocking Anarchy, Panties and Stockings with Garter Belt

Here’s a great example of a parody anime that’s not for kids. The characters in this series are not conventional human beings, but supernatural creatures hundreds of years old, which is why they can take on different shapes and have so many wacky powers.

It’s a real anime title and a real anime character name, and when the context is explained, it all makes sense. Stocking Anarchy is the youngest of the Anarchy sisters, which also include Panty and Garterbelt, and like her older sisters, she is named after the garment she uses as a weapon. Her striped stockings turn into katanas when she takes them off, just to fully understand how it works.

3 Shiro, no game no life

Shiro, no game no life

Shiro’s hair color includes several colors, but tends to be more blue than pink or purple. There are two main characters in No Game No Life, Shiro and his half-brother, Sora. She is calm, calculated of both, but tends to have a lower level of emotional intelligence and needs her brother’s help to beat matches with this angle.

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Shiro’s emotional limits are one of his few weaknesses. Other than that, she’s a true genius, with an ability to remember virtually any information she’s seen before, and a superhuman level of hand-eye coordination, which probably has something to do with her amazing marksmanship skills.

2 Bulma, Dragon Ball

Goku, Bulma and Trunks in Dragon Ball Z

Bulma makes limited appearances in later chapters of the dragonball saga, so it’s easy to forget that she was a main character in the original series. She is the most important character in the series along with the hero, Goku, and she has been helping him since he was a precocious child with a monkey tail.

Along with leading the gang to successfully find the Dragonballs through her mechanical expertise, knowledge of alien technology, and general stubbornness, she achieves her bliss forever with former enemy Vegeta. His two children are also “bluenettes” but Trunks, his son, has pink hair, while his daughter Bulla has green hair.

1 Ayanami Rei, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time releases March 8 with another teaser ahead of release

One of the most iconic figures in anime history, not to mention a famously blue-eyed, Ayanami Rei is the pilot of the evangelization prototype of the Unit-00 model. She’s also known as the First Child, which makes sense since she was the only Eva pilot to precede Shinji.

Throughout most of the original Evangelion series, Ayanami’s origins are a mystery. Eventually, she enrolls in the same school as Shinji and Asuka but doesn’t seem to have any trace of prior existence. It turns out that her true identity is tied to the ultimate plot resolution and continues as part of her character arc in the new films.

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