Picture via Crunchyroll unlike most anime characters with brown, black, or blonde hair, blue haired characters always seem to have a unique and important air about them. Whenever a character with this hair color is introduced, they often have a special supporting role to play in a series. Over theRead More →

A symbol of youth is school life. In the anime, school life includes going to class, hanging out with friends, and bonding with your seniors and juniors. Several anime series even take place in specialized schools. However, school clubs are another important factor in anime school life. RELATED: 9 LivelyRead More →

Shonen anime has pushed the envelope many times, for better or for worse. Pushing the boundaries by challenging and reimagining tried and true tropes is a great way to challenge genre norms. Some shonen series, however, pressed all the wrong buttons and fired up viewers as they voiced their opinionsRead More →

The world of Japanese anime is always ready to deliver an amazing story to fans of all cinematic genres. Anyone who wants a heartfelt romance can try surefire hits like Toradora! and Fruit basketwhile action fans should tune in to demon slayer and Tokyo avengers. Oftentimes, these great anime seriesRead More →