11 horror animated series with the most disturbing atmospheres

While there are plenty of cartoons out there that fit the horror genre perfectly, some of them take place in pretty ordinary places, such as ordinary towns or schools. However, there are also horror cartoons that have their spooky sets to suit their stories, from cursed villages to extremely haunted schools filled with ghosts or zombies.

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Of The attack of the Titans world filled with monsters to Deadman wonderland Set in the deadliest amusement park that has ever existed, the sets in these horror anime are not for the faint of heart. Everyone watching was happy that these places didn’t exist in real life and didn’t want to find themselves in similar settings.

11 Attack on Titan took place in a world of flesh-eating titans

Attack on Titan Levi Determined

The attack of the Titans took place in a world where the giant flesh-eating Titans could eat almost anyone they could while they were still alive. To stay alive, many people moved to walled towns that were supposed to protect them from the Titans outside. However, these walls were not infallible. The destruction of a wall caused Eren Yeager to lose his home and see his mother being eaten alive. Even the best warriors in the Survey Corps often struggled to fight the Titans and protect the people they were meant to protect because of these carnivorous beings. Many of them even died during this process.

ten Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc took place in an execution venue that became an Academy

Angry Danganronpa Monokuma Anime

Imagine taking refuge in an academy to survive the apocalypse, only for the school itself to become deadly. This is exactly what happened to the students of Hope’s Peak Academy in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc after Monokuma returned to school. The only way to leave school was to kill someone else and get away with it. If the killer were caught, they would be subjected to a gruesome execution worthy of their reputation. However, as the number of deaths increased, the surviving students eventually banded together to try to figure out who had imprisoned them in the first place and why.

9 Soul Eater took place in an academy where people were both warriors and weapons

Maka in a Soul Eater battle-ready position

Soul eater took place in an academy where people trained to be both warriors and the weapons that served those same warriors. The person who ran the academy was a shinigami representing death, and the academy itself is even called the Shinigami Academy. The students there had to collect the souls of mighty witches and villains instead of completing their regular schoolwork. One of the defining elements of the series was the soul determining the appearance, size and behavior of the creature it inhabits.

8 Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni took place in a cursed village

While it looks like a setting for a heartwarming slice of life anime, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni’s the location was a cursed village. Although the village itself appeared to be quite peaceful as it is, it has been revealed that killings and disappearances of people take place every year at a village festival. This series of incidents has been dubbed the “curse of Oyashiro-sama”.

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As the killings begin again, the protagonists must find out why these incidents are happening and hopefully not kill themselves. The setting seems deceptively secure, but the curse proves otherwise.

7 Deadman Wonderland took place at a deadly amusement park

Shiro enjoying a parfait and a miserable egg in the Deadman Wonderland anime

After protagonist Ganta was left as the sole survivor and accused of slaughtering his entire class, he was taken to titular Deadman Wonderland, a prison designed as a twisted amusement park. To earn his Cast Points, the currency of the park, prisoners had to participate in and survive deadly games. Worse yet, Ganta had a collar that put poison in his blood, and the antidote could only be taken every three days. He and many other prisoners were forced to follow the crooked orders of their guards, but Ganta luckily allied with a girl named Shiro.

6 Umemiko No Naku Koro Mi takes place on a remote island

Umemiko No Naku Koro Mi Actors

Umemiko No Naku Koro Mi took place on a remote island called Rokkenjima. After the death of the head of the Ushioromiya family, the remaining members gathered to discuss how to share the inheritance. However, a typhoon prevented them from leaving the island, and the rest of the family began to mysteriously die, one by one. It has been revealed that a witch named Beatrice once lived on the island and left a riddle behind. Whoever solved the riddle would become the head of the family, but if no one did, Beatrice would be awake and everyone would die.

5 Shiki took place in a remote mountain village

Megumi smiles after being turned into a vampire

ShikiThe setting for s was a remote mountain village. After a family moved into a western-style castle on top of the hill overlooking the village, a series of sudden deaths occurred. Doctors and others initially thought it was an outbreak, which was bad enough given the village’s small population before the deaths.

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However, Toshio and Seishin discovered that the dead would eventually come back to life to feed other people, and it started because of the same family that initially moved in. This made the real cause of death much more frightening than it looked.

4 High School of the Dead took place in a zombie apocalypse

High school of the dead took place at the start of the zombie apocalypse. After trying to expel a mysterious man from the school grounds, one of the teachers was bitten by the man. This teacher later became a zombie who attacked other teachers and students, and he forced the remaining students to regroup in an attempt to survive. Worse yet, the series later revealed that this incident went beyond the school, as the zombies spread throughout the surrounding city despite the best efforts of law enforcement and city officials. .

3 School-Live! Is this another anime that took place during a zombie apocalypse

Contrasting live opening scene of Sad Yuki's school from the anime

While High school of the dead detailed the start of the zombie apocalypse, School-Live! took place after the start of the zombie apocalypse. The school itself is full of zombies on some of its floors, and the resources the living characters ate were pretty minimal as they were trapped in the school with nowhere to go.

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To complicate matters, one of the living main characters suffered from delusions that made everything look good and normal at school. The rest of the cast had no choice but to play with illusions to protect them from zombies and other dangers.

2 Black Butler took place in supernatural Victorian London

Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler

Many people in the know black butler know that Sebastian is a demon in the service of the Phantomhive family, but there are more supernatural beings in the series than him. From Grell the Grim Reaper working with Madame Red to play the role of Jack the Ripper to the other demonic butlers in existence, it’s clear that although the setting took place in Victorian London, it received a gothic and spooky vibe with its supernatural elements added. The first episode of the series even showed how spooky Phantomhive Manor can be, after one of its visitors got lost, was chased by Sebastian through its hallways, and then baked alive in an oven.

1 Ghost stories took place at a haunted school

Satsuki and his friends in ghost stories

Many horror cartoons are set in scary school environments, and Ghost stories is another of them. Satsuki, the main protagonist, discovered that his mother was responsible for sealing ghosts in a school. The only problem was that these same ghosts were slowly being released thanks to the increasing urbanization of the surrounding city. This forced Satsuki and his friends to face these ghosts. Later, she also came across a demon that was sealed inside her cat and had to work with the demon to get rid of the ghosts for good.

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