10 Strongest Anime Girls Who Fight With Guns

Many anime characters fight with all kinds of weapons, from longswords and katanas to giant robots and magical powers, or maybe their bare fists in a series of martial arts. Other anime characters fight with ranged weapons, such as crossbows and guns, and that includes many anime girls as well.

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In many works of western and animated fiction, gunslingers are usually rugged male characters such as cowboys, soldiers, outlaws, and mercenaries, but many fictional girls and women also have their turn, and some of the most popular female action characters have guns. , pistol or shotgun.

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is a beloved support character in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, being Colonel Roy Mustang’s best friend and, at times, his conscience as well. Unlike the many alchemists around her, Riza uses firearms in battle, most often pistols and bolt-action rifles.

Riza Hawkeye survived Ishval’s terrible civil war and then put her skills to better use against homunculi, bravely taking on the likes of Gluttony and Envy on multiple occasions. Even when she’s out shopping, she’s not helpless, like when she shot Barry the helicopter one night.

9 Two-handed Revy is deadly and reckless (Black Lagoon)

black lagoon is a popular seinen action story that appeals to fans of The Expendables or Quentin Tarantino films, and the main characters are all armed to the teeth for a life of crime in the South China Sea. One of them is Revy, a Chinese-American outlaw who isn’t afraid to fight.

Revy is famous for her use of two identical guns, and she’s downed dozens of enemies over the course of black lagoonthe story. Depending on the situation, Revy can also use other weapons, such as RPGs or shotguns if necessary. She rarely fights with her bare hands, her fight against Roberta being an exception.

8 Bisca Connell is a magic sniper (Fairy Tail)

The Fairy Tail guild employs a remarkable variety of wizards, most of whom use traditional magic based on summoning, fire, ice, lightning, and more. But magic can also be used to augment fists or balls, and Bica Connell and her husband Alzack would know all about that.

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Bisca is a dedicated marksman and she can use her unique magic to guide her bullets in battle, giving her many obvious advantages. She put her skills to good use in the clash against the Phantom Lord guild, for example.

seven Yoko Littner is also a sniper (Gurren Lagann)

For the most part the sci-fi series gurren lagann is a mecha anime story, and the most important battles are all fought with gigantic war machines. Still, there’s room for a token sniper character, and that character is the charming Yoko Littner.

Yoko doesn’t need a giant robot to defend herself. She can handle enemies from afar with her trusty sniper rifle, though Simon and Kamina consider her even more of an empathetic and caring friend. Yoko’s heart isn’t as cold as the metal of her gun.

6 Mai Zenin uses a revolver (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Sisters Maki and Mai Zenin are not worthy of being wizards in the eyes of their traditionalist family, so Maki has sworn to defy the odds and become a great witch anyway and challenge her family. Her sister Mai had no choice but to follow in her footsteps, against her will.

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Maki and Mai have little to no curse energy, so they use weapons that contain energy, such as Maki’s knives. Mai, a student at Kyoto’s jujutsu school, uses a revolver to remove curses from a distance, and once a day she can create a single bullet out of thin air if she runs out of ammo.

5 Eda is a nun with a gun (Black Lagoon)

The black lagoon The anime series actually has quite a few well-armed characters, Revy being the most prominent of them. Revy also has a friend, a nun named Eda who runs the Ripoff Church in the sleazy town of Roanapur. However, Eda is usually seen drinking or making sarcastic comments rather than praying.

Eda is Revy’s obnoxious friend, and they love to poke fun and tease each other. Despite their differences, the two sometimes fight side by side against all sorts of enemies, and Eda has a gun or her own. Some works of fiction subvert the “pious nun” character type in true style.

4 Otherwise can shoot anyone online (Sword Art Online)

According to its title, the anime series Sword Art Online mainly focuses on powerful swords and fantasy monsters in online games, but there was one exception. The MMORPG gun gale online is all about ranged combat, and while Kirito had an off-brand lightsaber, his new ally Sinon has fully embraced this game’s gun-based combat system.

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Otherwise can dispatch any foe from afar, and she often supports Kirito during their desperate fights against myriad foes. Sinon later joined Kirito and Asuna in ALFheim Online, where she traded her gun for a fairy game avatar.

3 Motoko Kusanagi is a mechanical soldier (Ghost In The Shell: Autonomous Complex)

Major Motoko Kusanagi is a human brain in a mechanical body, giving meaning to the title of the series, ghost in the shell. In this future setting, man and machine have a blurred line between them, and Motoko Kusanagi can fight with the courage of a mortal but with the robotic precision of a machine.

Motoko may be deadly, but she still has a strong sense of justice and empathy, and she’s a professional who fights for the law. She is known to use a wide variety of firearms, from rifles to pistols and shotguns, and she can also fight with her bare hands if that happens.

2 Yuri Nakamura fought Angel with guns and grenades (Angel Beats)

The popular anime series angel beats mixes many concepts and genres at once, from action/adventure to heartbreaking drama to high school hijinks, and it’s all centered around the mysterious girl Tenshi “Angel” Tachibana. When this series begins, Angel is the target of Yuri and his allies in mortal combat.

Yuri has some talent as a leader, and she’s also been known to constantly attack Angel with sniper rifles and even grenades. Using firearms isn’t Yuri’s only defining attribute, but it’s certainly deadlier than most. angel beats characters.

1 Mine can shoot anyone with pumpkin (Akame Ga Kill!)

The Night Raid organization has members with varying skills and talents, and heroine Akame fights with a deadly katana, while her companion Mine is a dedicated marksman, much like Yoko and Sinon. Mine’s weapon is known as Roman Artillery: Pumpkin, and it actually has three firing modes, not just one.

Mine can use Pumpkin in sniper mode, long barrel mode, or machine gun mode, and Pumpkin’s power is increased according to its user’s sense of danger. If Mine has to fight an incredibly powerful enemy, her life is in far greater danger, but on the plus side, Pumpkin will hit even harder. In most situations, this is a valid compromise.

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