10 powerful anime girls who would make Yuji sweat in a fight

Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji Itadori is one of the most popular anime characters of 2021 to date, but much of his popularity is also due to the powerful, cursed spirit Sukuna residing in his body. While the King of Curses is a force to be reckoned with in his world, how would he fare if he got into a fight against anime girls from other franchises?

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Admittedly, strong female characters are rare, and even rarer are those who are strong enough to make Yuji / Sukuna sweat in a fight. However, there are definitely some powerful anime girls who could easily defeat Yuji in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Yuji should definitely think 10 times before fighting these girls, especially if these fights are happening outside of the Jujutsuverse.

ten Saber: A Mighty Sacred Servant Is Barely Someone Yuji Can Defeat (Fate / Zero)

Saber (Fate / Zero)

Mental and spatial manipulation, Barrier creation, Avalon, Excalibur, his noble fantasy, Resistance to magic and air manipulation, are abilities and weapons that fail even to pierce the surface of power and combat capabilities that Destiny / Zero Saber owns.

Of course, Yuji is the most powerful cursed spirit in his universe, but in the universe of Destiny, his abilities couldn’t even hold a candle to the unimaginable arsenal of abilities, skills, and magic that Saber possesses.

9 Tohru: This dragon can practically cause Armageddon (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

dragon tohru (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

He is one of the most powerful dragons in his universe, whose fire breathing abilities (including bursts of pure energy) ensure that his target is always destroyed, bar none.

Although Sukuna is an exceedingly powerful Cursed Spirit, even all of her abilities combined would not be enough to take Tohru down. Same if she had to lose a fight, she would simply open a portal and travel the new world herself, or push Yuji through the portal and win any fight against him, by default.

8 Milim: she is canonically 10 times stronger than Rimuru Tempest (this time when I reincarnated in slime)

Milim Nava 04

As one of the most powerful creatures in her universe (canonically), this special S-rank Catastrophe class demon is a force to be reckoned with.

To give an example of his excessive powers, his Drago Nova (a superior version of Drago Buster), could literally flatten an entire country in seconds. Her strength was such that even Rimuru looked to her for help in battles he was unsure of winning.

7 Katara: All she has to do is use bloodbending on Yuji (Avatar: The Last Air Bender)

7 Katara bloodbending

Bloodbending moral and ethical implications aside, this dark art would easily take control of Yuji in seconds, forcing his body to behave like a puppet, with Katara being his puppeteer.

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Not only can Yuji’s body be repeatedly thrown against hard objects to injure him, excessive use of this art can lead to permanent damage to his organs as well. Whether Sukuna can heal Yuji’s body of these wounds is a subject of debate, but even the King of Curses is not strong enough to fend off Katara’s bloodbending attacks.

6 Joan of Arc: blessed by the angels, this warrior would make Yuji sweat balls (Rage Of Bahamut)

the warrior Joan of Arc killing the maltet with her divine powers

After Joan of Arc was chosen as the vessel of the gods, the angel Michael presented her with a weapon called Maltet. Whenever Jeanne went into battle, Maltet was able to wield Michael’s power in its entirety, allowing her to defeat anything in her path – human, demon, or dragon.

Even the mighty demon Azazel was badly injured when Jeanne fought him, which is why Yuji wouldn’t stand a chance against her even after being corrupted by Beelzebub.

5 Emilia: This woman is a half angel who managed to defeat Satan himself (the devil is a part-time employee)

emilia protecting chiho

Although Yuji is strong, there is no way he is strong enough to defeat the Demon Lord himself. By extension, anyone who manages to defeat even the Demon Lord would be someone Yuji better avoid.

Not only did Emilia and her army of humans succeed in repelling Lucifer and his army of goblins and demons, but she also succeeded in repelling Satan so far into a corner that he fled to earth in order to avoid her. imminent defeat.

4 Saraka: she is billions of years more technologically advanced than Yuji (Kado: the correct answer)

Saraka Tsukai from kado the correct answer

As an anisotropic being, Saraka has an unimaginable abundance of knowledge, technology, and experience on her side, especially considering how she was the administrator of planet Earth.

Telekinesis, bending and time manipulation, the use of Fergonics (against which Yuji’s powers would be rendered useless) are just a few of the powers that she can easily use to defeat her opponent in seconds.

3 Umeko: She can literally mimic any power that Yuji possesses (when supernatural battles became commonplace)

Umeko Tanaka system white rulebook power 2

Called the White Rulebook, her ability is what she wants it to be. For example, if Yuji attacked her head-on, she would create shields. If he used fire against her, she would manifest water and protect herself.

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Even if he managed to kill her, her ability would simply allow her to regenerate in seconds, bringing her back from the dead. Essentially, there is absolutely no way for Yuji to really beat her.

2 Lucy: her alternate reality would be impossible to unravel for Yuji (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Lucy Maud Montgomery 3

She named her alternate reality Anne’s Room, which exists in a bubble separate from earthly reality. The anime explains that the only way for anyone to get out of this place is to use specific keys that unlock the doors.

However, first, one would have to know which door to unlock (as several would result in their instant death) and second, the key transforms as soon as it is placed inside the keyhole, making escape impossible. Essentially, once caught in her alternate reality, Yuji would have no choice but to accept defeat.

1 Izanami: this queen of the underworld gave birth to literal gods (Noragami)

queen of the underworld Izanami 3

She commands flesh-eating ghosts, controls every inch of earth in the underworld, and, in one-on-one combat, even the goddess of war, Bishamon, has found it impossible to defeat her.

This is because canonically, as Queen of the Underworld, Izanami cannot die. As long as the circle of life and death exists, so will it be. So, no matter what power Yuji uses, she will still be able to regenerate to her original state and start her fight with him again, once more.

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