10 Most Adorable Anime Girls of 2021

The anime industry releases new series every season, much to the delight of the anime community. There are a number of traditions that come with the release of new shows, including researching upcoming shows to get excited about, debating which adaptation is best, and of course, choosing favorite characters.

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The 2021 anime seasons were filled with lovable characters. Hence, there are a number of amazing female characters that have captured the attention of the audience. With their interesting development, endearing personalities, and cute character designs, these characters stood out from the crowd and will live on in recent memory as the most beloved female characters.

ten Rit From Banned From Hero’s Party

Rit and Red run an apothecary in Banished From the Hero's Party

Rit is the female lead in Banned from hero’s party. She serves as a romantic interest for the protagonist, Red. Her happy and cheerful demeanor is charming and makes her a joy to see on screen. She is deeply loving and her relationship with another protagonist is a joy to watch – with many heart-pounding moments! The way his character changes from aggressive and loud to shy and gentle through his relationships is also an interesting and endearing trait.

9 Tohru Honda from the fruit basket

Tohru sits by her grandfather's bedside

Tohru Honda from Fruit basket The series is easily one of the most beloved characters in recent anime history. She is always there for others and does her best to be helpful in any situation. She is deeply kind, empathetic, and compassionate – characteristics that serve to heal other characters from their pain and trauma.

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She always thinks of others first, no matter the situation. Along with her sweetness, she also consistently shows a hardworking attitude and a lot of inner strength.

8 Aoi Hinami of lower level character Tomozaki-kun

aoi hinami by jaku chara tomozaki kun

Aoi Hinami is a friend of the protagonist, whom she helps out of a locked-down NEET lifestyle. He is generally a very helpful person who is in control of everything he does. At times, she can come across as strict, but that makes her softer, softer sides even more interesting to discover. Her cheerful, outgoing demeanor is charming, and she’s constantly there to support others, including the protagonist, even if they haven’t done anything to deserve her attention and help.

seven Hinata Tachibana from Tokyo Avengers

tokyo revengers hinata tachibana smile

Hinata Tachibana is a stubborn girl with a strong will. She knows what she wants and is easy to put up with, showing great mental toughness that makes her hard to demotivate. She is very optimistic and always tries to find a way to improve herself even in the worst situations. She generally has a cheerful and friendly personality and is very kind to people around her, but she can also be scary when angry. The combination of interesting and endearing is fun to have on screen.

6 Vladilena Milizé Of Eighty-six

Lena in 86 eighty-six

Vladilena Milizé is the definition of a powerful female character with a presence. She is strong-willed and shows a general disregard for other people’s comments and opinions. She is bossy and does not hesitate to go to extremes to achieve her ends when necessary.

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With her strong attitude comes real skill, as she is the best at what she does. She tackles many tough questions and decisions throughout the series, and her development and inner conflicts are fascinating to watch. She is relatable in her willingness to do her best and a role model in her remarkable skills and strength.

5 Roxy Migurdia of Unemployed Reincarnation

roxy migurdia from mushoku tensei

Roxy Migurdia is a character from Unemployed reincarnation. She is generally a fairly stubborn but intelligent woman who regularly shows a lot of intelligence in the books. This consistency and intellectual nature contrasts funny and endearingly with his more childlike qualities. She gets riled up in an exaggerated and humorous way, has a big sweet tooth, and is embarrassed by her small and cute figure. The contrast between her qualities makes her interesting, which is why she is so beloved by fans.

4 Miko Yotsuya by Mieruko-Chan

Miko holding a stray cat in Mieruko-chan

Miko Yotsuya presents herself as a stoic, even cold girl. However, viewers are aware of her private thoughts, so they can see how she is actually quite panicked, anxious and facing many difficulties. Despite this, she maintains a strong exterior and faces all her problems head-on. She regularly sacrifices herself and her comfort to keep others safe. She is non-judgmental and often befriends many very different characters without a second thought. His subtle kindness and constant mental toughness make him an endearing and easily rooted character on screen.

3 Hayase Nagatoro from Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

Hayase Nagatoro smiles warmly

Hayase Nagatoro is a cheeky girl who likes to tease and play with the people she likes the most. She is sarcastic and playful with a general cat-like demeanor. Although she sometimes seems cold because of her games, she is actually more caring than she lets on. She’s the quintessential “tsundere” – a character who acts mean and rude to the people they love because they’re too scared to show affection. Sometimes, however, she can show real empathy and compassion (with a lot of embarrassment). She also frequently gets jealous and goes to great lengths to pretend she isn’t, much to the audience’s delight.

2 Vivy de Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy smiling in the song Vivy Fluorite Eyes

Given that she’s an AI who, in principle, knows very little about how humans interact, Vivy can seem quite aloof and dense most of the time. This quality, combined with her deep desire to make others happy, makes her very endearing. She is constantly trying to be helpful and bring joy to others.

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Trying so hard to do well and sometimes being lost makes her very charming and relatable at the same time. Her development is very fun and engaging to watch, and viewers feel like they are growing along with her.

1 Komi’s Shoko Komi Can’t Communicate

Shoko Komi from Komi Can't Communicate written on a blackboard

Shoko Komi is a character who suffers from social anxiety. However, tired of not being able to talk to people, she tries very hard to overcome it and sets herself the goal of making 100 friends. She’s still shy and clumsy and doesn’t understand how to interact with others, but her good intentions make her clumsiness and ignorance endearing. She frequently shows hilarious faces and cute mannerisms that have made her iconic within the anime community. She’s incredibly fun to watch, and she inspires support from even the most stoic viewers.

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