10 Moments From The Demon Slayer Anime Series That Reveal Tanjiro’s Pure Heart

One of Jesus’ harshest commands isBut I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Well, Tanjiro feels like a walk in the park, his heart melting into a puddle of goo at the slightest hint of humanity from a demon he’s locked in battle with.

After defeating the hand demon that had killed 13 of Urokodaki’s students and felt like crushing his face, Tanjiro would have been justified in either happily taunting the demon or dropping one last dash on his face as a let-down. me give you one last hand demon . Instead, Tanjiro looks at the dying demon with pity and even grabs the demon’s hand in his final moments while wishing him a better life after he is reborn.

When he was about to decapitate the Mother Spider Demon, he noticed she was ready to embrace his death, so he chose to use Water Breathing, Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After Drought to make her soft and painless.

He also recognized Drum Demon Kyogai’s talent giving him a taste of the respect he never got as a human.

After a long battle with Upper Moon Six: Daki and Gyutaro, the whole city is demolished and Tanjiro, Uzui, Zenitsu and Inozuke are all seriously injured. Daki and Gyutaro are decapitated, and since they are high-ranking demons, it takes time for their heads to disappear. In the opening before their demise, Daki and Gyutaro start fighting, blaming each other for the loss. As their fight continues, their words get deeper, saying that they both regret being each other’s siblings. When Tanjiro sees their fight, he rushes over to the siblings and covers Gyutaro’s mouth so he can’t say anything more that he would regret. In the afterlife of these two demons, it shows that Tanjiro’s actions help them stay together. As Tanjiro watches the brother disappear, he wonders if the two have reconciled.

Truly, when it comes to Tanjiro, loving his enemies is as easy as chopping off a demon’s head.