10 Cutest Anime Girls Who Also Pack A Punch

The world of Japanese anime is notorious for portraying characters very differently than their outward appearance would suggest. Some characters are much older or younger than they look, for example, and some may look creepy even though they’re actually sweet, like a gap-moe character. Then there are seemingly harmless characters who are incredibly powerful.

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Anime has a reputation for loving pretty girls, but a lot of them aren’t just eye candy. Many of these unassuming babes are actually top fighters who can punch well above their weight with their magical abilities or even their bare fists. Just because an anime girl is as cute as a pimple doesn’t mean she’s harmless.

ten Liz T Blood is a powerful vampire

blood boy

The somewhat obscure but charming fantasy anime blood boy is a fun adventure, depicting all sorts of clumsy and powerful demons that reside in the underworld. This includes the Blood vampire family, including father, Richarz, eldest son, Braz, middle child, Staz, and youngest, redhead Liz.

Liz T Blood isn’t as strong or experienced as her brothers, but she’s still far more powerful than her youth and charming tsundere demeanor suggest. Liz can put up a decent fight with her magical powers, and she can also send people to her prison with a wave.

9 Nezuko Kamado delivers powerful kicks

demon slayer

Nezuko Kamado became a demon in her own right when the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji, corrupted her with his tainted blood. However, Nezuko will not give up her humanity and refuses to consume human flesh for any reason. Instead, she will help her brother Tanjiro fight other demons to save lives.

Nezuko is a graceful young beauty who dislikes violence, but she is not a pacifist. If Tanjiro is threatened, Nezuko will spring straight into action and punch a demon’s head to save the day. She also went ballistic on Upper Moon 6, Daki, though she might lose control one of these days.

8 Filo continues to go from strength to strength

The Rise of the Shield Hero

Filo was named after her avian race, the Filoliales, and she may well become the Filolial Queen one day. Filo hasn’t reached her full potential yet, but she’s still making good progress and Filo can hold her own against the waves without too much trouble.

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Filo can use wind-based magic with every flapping of her wings while in bird form, and she can also deliver powerful pecks and talon attacks. In fact, Naofumi equipped Filo with sharp steel accessories to make his heel attacks even more deadly at close range.

seven Kinoko Komori packs a mean quirk

my hero academia

Most students in Class 1-A and 1-B aim to be stylish or intimidating with their hero costumes, such as Bakugo’s grenade-shaped armbands and Neito Monoma’s stylish costume with clocks. Then there’s Kinoko Komori, a class 1-B girl who fully embraces her natural cuteness in battle with her cute costume.

Kinoko is a charming little girl who should never be underestimated. She’s physically weak, but her mushroom-based Quirk can take over the entire battlefield, and she can even neutralize powers like Fumikage Tokoyami with the right kind of mushroom.

6 Tamaki Kotatsu is the fiery cat girl

fire force

Maki Oze and Tamaki Kotatsu are the two best female firefighters seen in the history of fire force, and they know how to be both beautiful and powerful as hardworking professionals. This is especially true for Tamaki, who likes to show off her feminine cuteness whenever she’s not in her nun outfit or firefighter uniform.

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Tamaki even has a bubbly personality and twin ponytails to play her innocently cute character, but this fire cat has claws too. By the end of Season 2, Tamaki had become truly powerful as a feline-themed fire soldier who can run at breakneck speeds across the battlefield. She won’t let white-clad cultists laugh at her anymore.

5 Kisara is Shu’s charming evil girlfriend

Engage the kiss

The pink-haired girl Kisara was introduced as Shu Ogata’s charming schoolgirl friend, with a friendly and innocent personality. The truth is that she is a half-demon with terrifying power and can sacrifice her own memories to enter battle mode against other demons.

Kisara can quickly transition from her high school persona to her female demon form, complete with a cool black costume and, of course, a deadly sword. With this weapon, Kisara can kill any demon and save the day, being one of the few A-ranked demons found in Bayron City.

4 Rem is everyone’s favorite Battle Maid

Re: zero

Love triangles and memory loss aside, the blue-haired ogre maid Rem is one of anime’s best examples of “cute but deadly,” making her a fan favorite. She and her twin sister Ram work as servants at the Roswaal Estate, and Subaru soon saw for himself just how powerful Rem can be in battle.

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As an ogre, Rem can run and strike his enemies with superhuman power. She also wields a long chain with a heavy spiked metal ball on the end and can swing it around with great force to annihilate her enemies with ease. Subaru better stay away when that happens.

3 Milim Nava is a dragonoid monster

This time I got reincarnated as a slime

Milim Nava, the Demon Lord, is perhaps the strongest “cute but deadly” anime character, though she’s not as beloved as Rem and Nezuko. Milim is a cheerful and fun person who acts almost like a genki girl, especially when it comes to snacks and her best friend, Rimuru Tempest.

In a fight, Milim Nava has no equal. She can annihilate just about anyone with brute force, and if Milim activates her dragon powers, complete with wings, no foe can last long against her. It’s a good thing that Rimuru knows how to keep Milim on his side, otherwise he’ll be in trouble.

2 Ururu Tsumigiya almost bludgeoned Ichigo


Bleach fans are used to powerful fighters like Rukia and Yoruichi stealing the stage, but they may have forgotten all about Ururu Tsumigiya, one of Kisuke Urahara’s assistants at the store. Ururu rarely fights, but when she does, she surprises everyone with her speed and melee prowess.

Ururu tried to box Ichigo and help him gain his true zanpakuto, Zangetsu, and Ichigo was amazed at Ururu’s display of power. Later, Ururu went into battle mode and defeated an Arrancar, though she eventually needed Renji’s help to finish this fight. Still, Ururu really punches above its weight.

1 Taiga Aisaka commands respect like the tiger


Taiga may not be a demon, an ogre, or a filolial, but she’s still a fine example of a cute but tough anime girl who isn’t the tricky doll she appears to be. Taiga is a popular anime tsundere who has a big attitude crammed into that little body, and anyone who disturbs her will pay the price.

Taiga usually carries a wooden sword with her to school, and if someone like Ryuji annoys him, he’ll get hit on the head. Taiga’s combined short stature and temper have earned her the nickname “Palmtop Tiger”, although she also has her caring and vulnerable side. She may be tough, but she’s not a bully.

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