10 Best Precure Anime Series, According To MyAnimeList

The legendary Pretty Cure, or Precure, warriors have been fighting against evil for almost twenty years now. For some fans, it may be hard to believe, but in Japan, Precure is as much an institution as Gundam Where Dragon Ball Z That much. It’s going strong even after nineteen seasons and nearly nine hundred episodes, and there’s no sign of the show slowing down.

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Most seasons are disconnected from each other, so anyone interested in the franchise can start anywhere. But it can be daunting with so many different seasons. For those who don’t want to start over from the beginning, here’s the best the franchise has to offer.

ten Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! A Cure Dream and his friends protect Cure’s rose garden (7.17)

Yes!  Precure 5 GoGo!

Yes! Precure 5 GoGo is the second season of Yes! Precure 5the third generation of Pretty Cure. The series scored a 7.17. Once again, Nozomi Yumehara and her allies are drawn into another adventure, regaining their powers as pretty cure 5. This time around, the group is tasked with tracking down the rulers who hold the keys to the Cure Rose Garden through a woman named Flora. Their enemies are the organization known as the Eternal, who have already destroyed several kingdoms already in their aim to reach the Cure Rose Garden.

9 Magic Girls Precure! Has magical daughters protecting the magical and non-magical world (7.17)

Mahoutsukai PreCure

Magic Girls Precure started in 2016 and scored 7.17. The series follows Mirai Ashina, who believes in the power of witches and wizards even though everyone tells her they are fake. But when she meets Riko, a being from Magic World, she was finally right. But then the two are attacked by the Dark Magicians, a group that aims to take over the realm of the magic world and the world without magic with the help of the Linkle Stone Emerald. The only thing standing in their way is Mirai and Riko.

8 Precursor: Splash Star! A Cure Bloom and Cure Egret protecting the fountain from the sun (7.17)

PreCure Splash Star

Precure Splash Star aired in 2006 and scored a 7.17. It was the first series where there was a new generation of heroes, like the first two Pretty Cure the series followed the same protagonists.

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In splash star, the protagonists are Saki and Mai, two girls who were once guided to the Celestial Tree in their home by two magic bullets. These balls chose the girls to protect the fountain of the sun from a threat known as Dark Autumn as Cure Bloom and Cure Egret.

7 Suite Precure has magical musical girls in search of the melody of happiness (7.28)

PreCure Suite

Precure Suite was the Pretty Cure series of 2011 and got a 7.28. In Precure Suite, the country of Major Land is a world where music is power, and every year a song called the melody of happiness is sung to spread happiness everywhere. But when the King of Minor Land, Mephisto, tries to rewrite the song into the Melody of Sorrow, the Queen of Major Land has the notes of the song split. Hummy, the cat-singer assigned to sing the song, goes on a journey to find the Pretty Cure who would be able to piece the song back together. Hummy arrives in Kanon City, where she meets Hibiki Houjo, who gains the power to transform into Cure Melody.

6 Tropical-Rouge Precure has magical girls empowered by mermaids (7.29)

Tropical-Red! Precure was the most recent Pretty Cure series, released in 2021 and ending in late January 2022, scoring 7.29. The protagonist is Manatsu Natsumi, a young girl who recently moved to Aozora City. There, she meets Laura, a mermaid searching for the Pretty Cure in hopes that these mighty warriors can save the Great Ocean. But while Laura cannot find the Pretty Cure, Manatsu transforms into Cure Summer. Along with his friends, Manatsu helps bring down the Delay Witch.

5 Precure fresh! Features a group dubbed as a group of magical girls (7.34)

fresh precure aired in 2009 and was the sixth Pretty Cure animated series, scoring a 7.34. The main protagonist has one of the most fitting names for a magical girl protagonist, Love Momozono. Momozono is a member of Yotsuba Junior High and a big fan of the popular dance group “Trinity”. During an event seeing them happen, Love is given the power to become Cure Peach to protect the people from the evil group in the Labyrinth Kingdom. Over time, Love’s own dance group Clover became his own Pretty Cure fighter.

4 Star Twinkle Precure features the Star Princesses battling the Notraiders (7.43)

Star Twinkle Precure started in 2019 and managed to score a 7.43. The series begins with a group of star princesses who find themselves under attack by the evil group known as the Notraiders.

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The Star Princesses place their powers in the Princess Star colored pens, and one of them lands in the hands of high school student Hikaru Hoshina. With the power of the Star Color Pen and the Star Color Pendant, she transforms into the powerful Cure Star. Eventually, she teams up with other students at her school to fight the Notraiders.

3 Goes! Princess Precure! Sees a princess fighting against the forces of Dys Dark (7.73)

Goes! Princess Precure is the 12and Precure Series, which scored 7.73 on MyAnimeList. The main villains this time are the forces of Dys Dark, who want to sow chaos and destroy the kingdom of hope for good. The protagonist is Haruka Haruno, a young girl who dreams of becoming a princess. Although it seems impossible, she finds herself accepted into Noble Academy, where she accidentally meets a member of the Hope Kingdom, Kanata. Kanata gives her a dress-up key that transforms her into Cure Flora, the leader of the Princess Precure team.

2 Hug! Precursor! Has magical girls protecting the future and the present (7.77)

Hugtto Precure

Hug! Pretty Cure was the 2018 Pretty Cure series and was intended to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the seriesand birthday. This time around, the threat is the Criasu Corporation, a group from the future that seeks to take the power of future crystals to alter the weather for themselves. The protagonist is Hana Nono, a young girl empowered by her desire to protect a baby named Hug-tan. Transforming into Cure Yell, Hana fights against the Criasu Corporation alongside her classmates, who transform into Pretty Cures themselves to protect the future and the present. The series was a hit, scoring a 7.77.

1 Heart-catcher precursor! Has a team fighting the deserters (7.80)

Anime Heartcatch Precure Tsubomi Fairies

The seventh season of Pretty Cure, HeartCatch precursor!, has the highest rating at 7.8. The series chronicles the battle of the Pretty Cures against a group of enemies known as the Apostles of the Desert. Their goal is to weaken the Heart Tree and turn everything into a wasteland, and only Cure Moonlight was there to stand in their way. But when defeated, a pair of fairies grant the power to transform into Pretty Cures to Tsubomi Hanasaki and her friends. Fashion Club member Tsubomi and Erika transform into Cure Blossom and Cure Marine respectively and achieve the goal of strengthening the Heart Tree by defeating the Desert Apostle army, the Deserarians.

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