10 Anime Series That Would Make Great Fighting Games

In the anime, there are so many possibilities of combat, action, and how the characters would face each other. Video games can put these possibilities into the hands of fans. A few anime series already have fighting games, like Justice of my hero 1 and 2, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battleand Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom 1&2.

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However, there are a number of other anime series that feature both an expansive cast of characters, as well as intriguing power systems that fans may want to experience in video game form.

ten The high school god would make a great martial arts game

Based on a popular Naver Webtoon, The God of High School is a relatively new series that has quickly gained popularity. Since the anime is about martial artists with godlike powers, this would make a great fighting game. It would have a lot of possibilities for character matches and such.

Additionally, the series is built around a fighting tournament where students compete to see who will be the “High School God“. This would give players a goal to achieve as they play the game.

9 Black Clover would make a fun open-world RPG

Liebe and Asta, black clover

black clover has one of the most intriguing power systems in anime. Mana refers to the energy that exists in nature and in humans. In black clover, mana is the source of all magic. Yes black clover were to receive a video game, it would make an entertaining open-world RPG, similar to Genshin Impactwhere players could use Mana to defeat enemies.

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Besides, it could also be an arena fighting game, where players could fight against others or characters from black clover.

8 A Fairy Tail Fighting Game Would Showcase All The Magical Abilities Of The Characters

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Although Fairy tale already has its own RPG game, it doesn’t have a fighting game. If Fairy Tale were to receive a fighting game, it would be entertaining and showcase each character’s unique abilities and fighting style. Players would have their favorite characters fight against each other by experimenting with different magic attacks.

Each character can have their unique style, such as Lucy using her whip and summoning celestial spirits as players try out different combo attacks. The possibilities would be endless here, and Fairy taleThe sheer number of colorful characters means the roster could potentially be huge.

seven A food war! The video game would be entertaining

Soma serves a bowl of food

Although not a fighting game in the traditional sense, it would be fun if Food wars! were to receive a fighting game. Players could face off in cooking battles to see who emerges victorious in the game. The best case scenario would be a gacha game with PVP mechanics.

If so, players could get enough points to shoot for their favorite characters and use them during cooking battles.

6 An SK8 The Infinity video game would allow players to compete in “S”

Reki challenges Adam to a beef in SK8 The Infinity

Yes SK8 Infinity were to receive a video game, players would compete in an “S” against characters from the anime. It would probably be a mobile game or even a Switch game if that were to happen. It could also be a gacha, where players could shoot for their favorite characters. It also allows fans to create their skateboard character and design a skateboard in the game.

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While it wouldn’t be a fighting game in the traditional sense, it would still be entertaining. There might even be a PVP mechanic involved where players can race in an “S” against other players.

5 Noragami would make a great fighting game

The cast of Noragami is enjoying the winter

Yes Noragami were to receive a fighting game, it would be entertaining. Players would choose which god they want to play as and also decide which Regalia they would like. This would allow players to mix and match characters with different Regalias, and it would be entertaining for die-hard anime fans.

Imagine if Yukine was paired with Bishamonten, or if Mayu was still paired with Yato. A Noragami The fighting game would allow players to get creative with all the different combat pairings.

4 With a Hunter X Hunter fighting game, fans could try their hand at the sky arena

Kastro vs. Hisoka in Sky Arena

Heaven’s Arena was arguably the most entertaining arc of Hunter X Hunter. A fighting game inspired by this anime arc would be interesting. Players could climb the floors of Heaven’s Arena and battle against competitors featured in the anime.

Should this become a reality, players could either design their own character or choose between Gon, Killua, or Hisoka. It would be an entertaining fighting game that takes place in an arena. Climbing floors would also give players a goal to complete. It might even have a gacha mechanic, similar to My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero.

3 Players could try their hand at killing Koro-Sensei if Assassination Classroom had a fighting game

korosensei assassination classroom closeup

It would be fun if Assassination Classroom were to receive a video game. It would probably be a gacha game, where players could have a chance to win one of their favorite class 3-E students. The fighting game would allow fans to take on Koro-sensei one-on-one, allowing players to try their hand at slaying the giant yellow octopus.

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The video game could also feature exclusive dialogue, which is sure to please die-hard fans of the series as it provides a closer look at their favorite characters.

2 Chainsaw Man would make an entertaining fighting game

chainsaw man vol 8

Yes Chainsaw Man were to receive a fighting game, it would be undeniably gory and entertaining. It would likely be a mobile game, where fans could run around an open world as Denji, slaying demons as they appear.

In the series, demons represent all the fears humanity faces, which could lead to some exclusive demons only found in the fighting game. If there were to be boss fights, Bomb Girl, Katana Man, and even Makima would be suitable candidates.

1 A Jujutsu Kaisen fighting game would be popular and entertaining

Gojo fighting in Jujutsu Kaisen

It would be a huge success if Jujutsu Kaisen were to receive a fighting game. Players could choose their favorite characters to battle some of the most powerful cursed spirits in the game. It could be a gacha game, or the characters could come in expansion packs. Be that as it may, the possibilities of a Jujutsu Kaisen fighting game are endless.

Cursed Energy is one of the coolest power systems in anime, and a Jujutsu Kaisen the video game would showcase it well. Additionally, players could build teams not otherwise seen in the anime. They might even play the role of some of the series’ antagonists rather than the protagonists.

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