10 anime series that are better when you’re an adult

Anime is a versatile medium full of creativity and innovation. Many series are enjoyable for children, but some leave a bigger impact on adults.

Anime is a versatile medium that has shown endless creativity and innovation over the years. There are plenty of acclaimed anime series that lean towards certain demographics, but there are just as many programs that get stronger when filtered through an adult perspective.

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Hindsight into adulthood and the obstacles life throws at people as they grow older can help powerful stories resonate in a different way than when a child sees them. The depth present in some anime series only becomes apparent when viewed as adults.

ten Neon Genesis Evangelion Looks Into The Abyss And Faces Depression

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an essential anime series that is representative of the depth that anime can achieve. evangelization pose like a mecha series where young pilots control powerful robots that fight against invading alien angels. Under its premise, dark themes, philosophies and existential crises to give evangelization his true power. evangelization can be enjoyed purely on the action level, but the full breadth of its layered message will only be fully appreciated by adults. Shinji in particular is a very different character when looking at NGE like an adult.

9 Attack On Titan is a nuanced journey best suited to adults

Erwin leads the final charge in Attack On Titan

Several anime have become colossal hits for modern anime, but The attack of the Titans is easily among the best. The attack of the Titans was so successful because its “man versus monster” tale is full of tense battles, surprising kills, and inspiring character development. The attack of the Titansit is the narrative is dense and full of layered foreshadowing that will likely go over young audiences’ heads. Adults can fully appreciate the intense drama that hits these warriors on a personal level because they are forced to confront their values.

8 Death Parade is a meditation on loss and regret

Decim reveals the games in Death Parade

death parade is a unique anime that can be enjoyed on an episodic level or as a larger narrative that tries to say something about life, death, and everything in between.

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death parade immerse yourself in something as grand as purgatory and eternal damnation through harmless recreational games like billiards, air hockey and darts. the individual competitions that fuel each episode are easy to enjoy, but older viewers will enjoy these dark, remorseful character studies more.

seven Kaiba asks adult questions about universal ideas

Anime Kaiba Masaaki Yuasa Memory Room

Kaiba is a tight 12-episode series that often goes unnoticed, but it’s an excellent digest of Masaaki The fluid visuals and intricate themes of Yuasa. Kaiba is infinitely interested in the concept of memories, how individuals can live through inheritance, and how experiences define an individual. Kaiba uses sprawling sci-fi with lovable characters to make its points about individuality and identity. It’s a dense show that will give the adults something to talk about while the kids enjoy the colorful aesthetic.

6 The Great Pretender is a masterpiece in hard serialization

Makoto, Laurent, Abigail and Cynthia from Great Pretender

Crafting a narrative about burglaries and scammers that is both spectacularly satisfying and believable is no easy task. The great pretender is one of the most trusted anime about scammers and thieves and each scam gets several episodes to play. Strong characters and clever plot tower The great pretender in a modern classic. Some of the more complex heists, however, can go over the heads of younger audiences. The great pretender also delves into mature topics, such as human trafficking.

5 Devilman Crybaby is more than over-the-top violence

Anime Devilman Crybaby Akira battles Ryo Satan

Go beloved of Nagai evil man franchise is nearly 50 years old and every exploration and adaptation of evil man presents a compelling internal struggle where humanity must wrestle with their lowest instincts. crybaby devilman covers themes of corruption, responsibility, and evil, but Masaaki Yuasa’s animation conveys that bloody body horror into beautiful visual masterpieces. The constant carnage and stylistic flairs within crybaby devilman make it an accessible series, but it’s so much more than flashy deaths. Adults will appreciate its heavy themes.

4 Wonder Egg Priority tackles adult themes through young characters

Anime Wonder Egg Priority Friends Laugh

Anime that intentionally subvert their genre norms to tell a difficult story are becoming more and more common. Wonder Egg Priority riffs on magic girl and isekai genres, but with a dark streak that isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

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There are adorable characters in Wonder Egg Priority, but its story revolves around suicide and emotionally complex ideas that are more suited to adults. Wonder Egg Priority is a surprisingly mature allegory of grief, but younger audiences can get lost in a surface-level analysis.

3 Carole & Tuesday hits hard for all those who have risen through the ranks

by Shinichiro Watanabe Carol & Tuesday recounts the serious efforts of two budding musicians, the titular Carole and Tuesday. Set in a futuristic space society, there are enough sci-fi influences to entertain audiences with more than the beautiful music created by Carole and Tuesday. Carole and Tuesday’s friendship will warm everyone’s hearts, but older generations will better appreciate the hard work it takes to succeed in a creative industry.

2 Trigun’s examination of guilt and grief will leave adults haunted

Trigun is a 1990s action anime series that’s pretty representative of the interests of the decade. Vash the Stampede is an immediately compelling and capable, yet still deeply flawed protagonist. Trigun has an episodic nature that dominates the first half of the series, so it’s easy to get lost in the Kinetic and well-choreographed action. That said, Vash is greatly tortured by his past and all the lives he has taken. Vash’s internal pain reaches a breaking point and his rich existential trauma transgresses the norms of the protagonists of the action.

1 Space Dandy’s Satirical Humor Requires Necessary Reference Points

Anime Space Dandy End of the Universe

space dandyit is 26 episodes accomplishes a remarkable amount in this short amount of time. Dandy and his ragtag crew of outcasts roam the galaxy as bounty hunters, but each episode deconstructs a different genre of anime and forges its own unpredictable path. space dandyit is heightened visuals and a hilarious tone will keep young audiences entertained, but adults will relate to this benchmark series the most. Audiences must have seen enough anime to understand space dandyit is onslaught of pop culture references and gender subversions.

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