10 anime series inspired by Asian horror movies

Much like the Western world, Asia has produced deep and chilling horror films designed to titillate and intrigue viewers, while often adding nuances designed to provoke deep thought and understanding. It should come as no surprise that Asian horror films have proven to be a continuing source of inspiration for today’s writers, directors, and actors around the world.

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On the long list of mediums inspired by Asian horror films is anime. By design, much of the anime enjoyed by viewers follows the example of multi-layered complexity found in Asian horror films. Use and proof of inspiration can take many forms. In some cases, the evidence of inspiration could be seen as direct reflection, while in other cases it could be as simple as a familiar tone.

Mentions of suicide and other sensitive topics. Also, many spoilers follow. Please proceed with caution.

ten Uzumaki is one of Junji Ito’s most famous works

Junji Ito has been an inspiration to writers, directors and actors for years. Created like a manga, Uzumaki was made into a live-action film under the same name. In both works, the villagers of a fictional town begin to obsess over the spiraling images they see everywhere, leading to a rapid decline in sanity to the point where they descend into danger and instability. mental.

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Inspired by these works, director Hiroshi Nagahama and Studio Drive have teamed up to produce a four-part animated miniseries of Uzumaki, is due out in October this year.

9 The Kings game was inspired by the successes of previous adaptations.

game of kings was released as a sequel to the popular live-action Japanese horror film under the same name and based on the cell phone novel Game Osama written by Nobuaki Kanazawa.

All three adaptations tell the story of a class receiving encrypted messages from someone calling themselves “King”. Encrypted messages include instructions for recipients and warn of disastrous consequences in case of failure. Although initially supposed to be an elaborate prank, the class soon realize that this death game is real and struggle to survive until the next round.

8 Kyoufu Shinbun has uncanny similarities to premonition

Kyoufu Shinbun follows the story of Rei Kigata, a middle school student who receives a newspaper called horror news detailing deaths and tragedies that have yet to occur. This anime series bears strong similarities to the storyline of the Japanese horror film Premonition.

Premonition tells the story of Hideki Satomi, who stops at a phone booth on his way home from vacation and discovers a piece of newspaper reporting that his daughter Nana was involved in a car accident. A minute later, the accident occurs, killing Nana. After years of tormented by premonitions, Hideki speaks with a man named Rei Kigata, who has researched the “Diary of Terror”.

seven Harmony has a strong echo of Suicide Club

Harmony is a sci-fi anime film that follows the story of Tuan Kirie, a high-ranking Helix Inspector who is sent to Japan. Shortly after arriving, thousands of people commit suicide in simultaneous acts, and Tuan is assigned to investigate the mass suicide events, exposing the terrorists behind them.

fourteen years before harmony Release, suicide club, a Japanese horror film, told the story of detectives Kuroda, Shibusawa and Murata. They are tasked with solving a series of multiple mass suicides that have occurred over six days.

In Full Metal Alchemist, a transmutation goes wrong. Edward loses his left leg and his brother Alphonse loses his whole body. Edward sacrifices his right arm to retrieve his brother’s soul and bind it in armor. Tetsuo: the iron man has similar parallels that are hard to ignore.

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A metal fetishist places a steel rod inside a self-inflicted leg. After being hit by a car, the audience sees a man called the wage earner, who is first haunted by visions of metal and machinery, then finds metal growing from his own body, starting with his face. until he eventually transforms into Iron Man.

5 Wolf Guy pays homage to the horror of the wolf

japanese horror movie The horror of the wolf follows the story of a teenager named Akira Inugami. Akira struggles with several things at once: the murder of his parents, being in love with his teacher, a cruel gang leader, and turning into a werewolf at night.

In 1992, wolf guy has been freed.

The film also follows the story of a teenager named Akira Inugami; however, in the anime, after being exposed to the poison, Akira is forced to take an antidote which has the side effect of turning him into a werewolf. Akira struggles to adapt to the new changes happening inside his body, as well as trying to survive the hunt by the military.

4 Another follows the success of previous adaptations

Beginning as a Yukito Ayatuji novel, Another one has since been adapted into a live-action horror film and an anime series. Kouichi Sakakibara transfers to a new middle school, where he quickly notices that his classmates and teachers seem to be afraid of something. He realizes what that something could be when horrific deaths begin to occur. Kouichi finally learns that he has been placed in what is called “Cursed Class 3”, which is haunted by an onryo, a vengeful spirit.

The anime differs slightly from the film by emphasizing the relationship between Kouichi and Mei, who appears to be a quiet, isolated classmate.

3 Rosario + Vampire’s story is similar to Kwaidan’s

Rosario+Vampire follows a boy named Tsukune, who mistakenly ended up in an academy for monsters of all kinds: vampires, werewolves, witches, succubi, mermaids, lizardmen, snowmen, and even demons.

Although it could be said that the inspiration for Rosario+Vampire is varied and includes many aspects of the tradition, the way the story is told recalls Kwaidana Japanese horror film released in the 1960s that consists of four completely independent ghost stories.

2 The moon phase has impressions of Dracula’s evil

moon phase tells the story of a sassy teenage vampire, Hazuki, and a paranormal photographer named Kouhei. Kouhei sees Hazuki on the rooftop while photographing Shwartzquelle Castle, which is said to be extremely haunted. Kouhei returns to prove that he didn’t imagine her and that she wasn’t a ghost. However, Kouhei soon finds himself thrust into a vampiric world of politics he doesn’t understand.

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Although less scary than other similar series, moon phase looks like japanese horror movie Evil of Dracula, wwhich focuses on Professor Shiraki after he arrives at Seimei School for Girls. There, the Professor finds himself immersed in a world of mystery and vampires – creatures meant to be nothing but lore.

1 Perfect Blue’s tone is like a blind beast

perfect blue is an animated psychological thriller starring pop idol-turned-actress Mima. Over the course of the film, Mima experiences multiple traumas that push her into a state of psychosis. Finally, shaken after fending off an attack, Mima’s friend Rumi takes Mima home, where it is revealed that Rumi is the driving force behind the malignity that befell Mima.

perfect blue has similar tones to the horror movie blind beast, in which a man and his mother kidnap a beautiful young model and take her to their home. During her captivity, the young model is subjected to sadistic psychological torture.

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