10 anime girls with powers that don’t match their character

Even the most severe critics of the anime will reluctantly admit that the medium is full of outlandish character designs and personalities. From little boys who are actually murderers to cute girls who could easily be killing machines, the only term that perfectly describes such characters is “gap moe”.

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The genres where such characters can often be seen include shonen, isekai, fantasy, and adventure, simply because that’s where the creators can really show their creativity. Despite having a disproportionate number of male characters, the anime also has a fair share of overpowered female characters.

ten Emilia: an average looking call center worker who actually defeated Satan (the devil is a part-time employee)

satan, alciel and Emilia (The Devil Is A Part Timer):

On the surface, Emilia looks like any average Japanese employee, which matches her job as a call center employee. However, she is actually a half angel and back in Ente Isla, she was known as Hero Emilia.

She led an army of humans against Satan’s army, and in part thanks to her sacred Better Half sword, she was able to not only defeat Lucifer, but also supported Satan and his entire army of demons in a corner.

9 Baileu: a strong-willed girl whose magical abilities drain her mentally and physically (Phantom Of The Twilight)

Baileu (Phantom of Twilight)

For a girl as strong, opinionated, and brash like Baileu, fans expected her to possess powers that would make her an exceptionally strong fighter.

While this is true, it comes at a cost – Baileu is unable to channel his abilities for an extended period of time as they take a heavy toll on his body and mind. After her fights, it has been shown that she temporarily loses her memories and her hair changes color permanently, little by little.

8 Nanam: an eternally sick girl who secretly possesses incredible superhuman abilities (Katanagatari)

Nanami (Katanagatari)

Despite her frail and delicate appearance, as well as her poor physical condition, Nanami is revealed to be an exceptionally strong girl, so much so that her brother Shichika compared her skills to those of Japan’s strongest swordsman: Hakuhei Sabi.

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In fact, until later in the series, Shichika is shown to completely ignore the fact that Nanami also possesses a plethora of superpowers, including immortality, invisible attacks, power mimicry, rapid regeneration, and superpowers. improved senses.

7 Saraka: a government negotiator who is actually a billions of years old alien (KADO: the correct answer)

shindo and Saraka (KADO: the correct answer)

Despite being one of the best negotiators in the Japanese government, Saraka is actually the kind of woman who easily gets angry around the man she has a crush on – Shindou.

However, her true avatar as an anisotropic being stands in stark contrast to her human personality, where she fiercely protects humans and uses all of her weakened anisotropic powers to restrain the alien zaShunina, even if it meant her death in the process.

6 Hajime: a carefree young girl who enjoys fighting aliens with her double-bladed weapon (Gatchaman Crowds)

Hajime (Gatchaman Crowds)

Hajime is portrayed as a carefree chatterbox whose overly bubbly nature is often viewed as off-putting, even by her teammates.

As Gatchaman, however, she has proven to be an exceptionally strong fighter who was able to resist even Berg Katze’s control over her Gatchaman. Her weapon of choice is her twin blades which she uses to fight and apprehend alien criminals.

5 Shizue: a kind woman whose body is host to the terrifying flame spirit Ifrit (this time I reincarnated in slime)

Shizue (This time I reincarnated in Slime)

Shizue is a kind, friendly and confident adventurer. In fact, she is shown to have taught otherworldly children in her spare time.

However, the presence of the Flame Giant Ifrit in her meant that on rare occasions he would be able to take control of her body. In such cases, he would burn anyone who got in his way, including Shizue and Rimuru’s friends.

4 Nezuko: a single-minded demon who is in fact an appallingly deadly killer (Demon Slayer)

nezuko sleeping on the ground ep 23

Nezuko is equally cute and creepy. With the appearance of a teenage girl but the mental age of a child, she is a demon who is actually more innocent than most humans her age.

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Yet when it comes to protecting those she loves (especially Tanjiro), Nezuko shows a spooky side of hers that often shocks demons she fights and slays, including the Swamp Demon and the Demon. of the temple.

3 Irisviel: a loving mother and loving wife who is also a formidable user of magic (Fate / Zero)

Irisviel vs. Kirei Kotomine

For the majority of the anime, Irisviel is revealed to be a soft-spoken young woman who does whatever her powerful family wants, including marrying the man she chooses for her.

Despite this, she has demonstrated that she possesses a surprising courage, which manifests itself when she uses magic against Kirei, whom she knows too powerful to be defeated by her magical abilities.

2 Myne: a 5-year-old who possesses powers powerful enough to suffocate a man to death (Pedigree of a bookworm)

Myne (Pedigree of a bookworm)

Myne is a cute 5 year old girl who is hard working, friendly, intelligent and extremely devoted to her family. Most of her time is spent trying to figure out how she can best recreate the inventions of modern Japan, in the timeline in which she currently lives.

She was also shown to possess the Devourer, a power whose full force was displayed when she nearly suffocated the great bishop to death, simply for disrespecting her parents because they were poor.

1 Tomoyo: a teenage otaku who can also manipulate time (when supernatural battles became commonplace)

Tomoyo (When supernatural battles became commonplace)

By all appearances, Tomoyo is an average high school student. She is easily embarrassed in front of Andou, is an otaku, is friendly and forgiving, and shows a surprisingly mature side at times.

This is in stark contrast to the extremely powerful and dangerous ability she possesses, called Closed Clock. She’s actually a time manipulator, and she only uses her abilities in dire situations, such as when her friends’ powers have been threatened by a copier.

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