10 anime girls with horns (and why they have them)

In anime, these days it’s more common for characters to have horns instead of the rather old-fashioned cat ears. The reasons vary from series to series, but the choice of design seems to be a success.

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While horns have been drawn on all kinds of characters over the past few decades, girls with horns have become significantly more prevalent, especially in the shonen series. Whether it’s because the monsters anime is on the rise or because everyone needs a permanent recovery prop, this is a model that is likely to continue.

ten Eri’s Horn Is The Source Of Her Powerful Quirk (My Hero Academia)

Eri is afraid

Eri’s introduction to My hero university the universe is tragic. Due to her powerful quirk, she is held captive by the villainous yakuza organization known as Shie Hassaikai. Eri has the ability to restore other people to their former states. In other words, it can heal wounds or revert someone to a younger, unspoiled version of themselves.

The horn on Eri’s head is the source of her power, and the more she grows, the more powerful her ability becomes. In a way, Eri’s horn is the fountain of youth, and that has caused her a lot of trouble in life.

9 Zero Two is only half human (Honey in the Franxx)

Zero Two’s horns may look like part of his headband, but they symbolize a lot more. A member of the APE Special Forces, she is the product of an experiment that has formed a hybrid race of people. Half-human and half-klaxosaurus, Zero Two’s horns and teeth are the most visible reminder of his origins.

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Zero Two aspires to be fully human, but her klaxosaur nature seems to be an irrevocable part of her, and it is difficult to undo who you are.

8 Albedo’s design is as questionable as his “character” (Overlord)

From a popular isekai series, Albedo looks like a goddess, but she’s actually just the keeper of a tomb. A character who seems to have been designed primarily to serve as a feast for the eyes, his features and personality are idealized and a bit superficial. In fact, according to her backstory, Albedo was initially programmed to want sex all the time. This backstory has been altered by Ainz, the protagonist, so that she is rather obsessively devoted to him.

Besides his succubus-inspired design, Albedo has wings at the waist and horns on his head for no other discernible reason, and his main personality trait seems to be his obsession with Ainz. It’s a shame it wasn’t carefully written, because its design has a lot of potential.

7 Aries name is appropriate (Fairy Tail)

ram fairy tail

Fairy tale incorporates tons of folklore into its storytelling, including classic astrological symbols. Aries is one of the many representative characters of this, as the name suggests. Celestial spirit from another world, Aries is yet another pink haired horned anime girl. As the name suggests, Aries has a pair of ram’s horns, but they don’t serve a specific purpose. Despite their shy nature, the Aries are obedient and devoted to their master.

6 Power is a demon (Chainsaw man)

Power hasn’t debuted in the anime yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Man with chainsaw is the most anticipated anime of the year, and images of the crooked, coarse-toothed Devil Hunter have proliferated online for months.

In the series, the Fiends are monsters made from demons who have taken hold of a corpse. Power is a Blood Fiend, and she can restore her power by consuming blood. When she does, her horns grow larger and branch even further away from her head. Her personality is as evil as her looks: Power is a selfish liar and doesn’t care much about hygiene or empathy. Despite or because of this, fans gave her a warm hug.

5 Tohru’s horns have nothing on the tail (Dragon-Maid)

kobayashi, dragon maid of tohru

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is finally back for a new season, and new fans have flocked to the series. A show about a particular maid and her friends, most of whom are monster girls and dragons in particular, is bound to have multiple horned characters.

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Tohru, Ilulu, and Quetzalcoatl each have their own uniquely styled horns while in human form. Elma has only one horn and Kanna has white triangular horns. Each of these dragon girls has a different origin story, so none of their horns are quite the same.

4 Lucy’s “ears” are really horns (Elfen Lied)

Lucy’s horns are just one of the many aspects of Elf lied who have aged badly. Its horns are more like cat ears and look like an attempt by the designers to deliberately flatter fans of such a design. Even so, the story tries to make more sense of its horns. Lucy is one of the Diclonius: an evolved and violent human with esper abilities. These horns help Lucy and the rest of her species channel their psychic powers.

3 Eri isn’t the only one with horns, actually (My Hero Academia)

Eri is far from the only one My hero university girl with horns. While some of them are part of their hero costumes, others are just part of the anatomy of those characters. Considering the diversity of character designs and quirks throughout the series, the horns aren’t even noticeable.

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Mt. Lady’s professional hero costume includes a horned mask and Mina has two yellow horns growing on her head. Pony Tsunotori’s horns are tall and pointy, and Cow Lady’s are thick and curved: the two pairs of horns hint at their Quirks.

2 The knee pads are nothing like her sister (panties and stockings with garter belt)

Slim & Knee Pads

Panties And Stockings With Garter Belt had a lot of fans in its early days, but the Gainax series is far from the studio’s best work, and nowadays few otaku recommend it. Even so, it’s hard to deny that the show is visually one-of-a-kind, a curious homage to ’90s American cartoons.

The titular characters have two demonic rivals, the Scanty and Kneesocks sisters. Knee Pads has red skin like her older sister, but unlike her sister, she also has a horn. There’s no point in it other than looking cool.

1 Rem and his sister are Oni (Re: Zero)

Rem in Oni form

Re: Zero is full of interesting and nuanced characters, but Rem is clearly a fan favorite from the first season. Rem and his twin sister, Ram, were actually raised in an Oni village. But because each of them only had one horn instead of the usual two, the other oni hated the sisters and even tried to kill them. Her older sister, Ram, used her extraordinary powers to save herself and Rem, leaving the villagers stunned.

Later, their village was attacked by witches and Ram’s horn was cut off, greatly reducing his power. Eventually, Rem aspires to replace Ram, trying to live up to who his sister was.

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