10 anime girls with heartbreaking stories that will make you cry

It’s no secret that female characters in cartoons often have the ends of the stick. While their male counterparts (including villains and minor characters) often possess elaborate character stories that generally explain or justify the people they have become today, female characters are generally relegated to the rank of love interest. hero or simply objectified characters.

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Despite this, many female characters managed to break through these barriers and became fleshed out characters. Whether they are the main character or just a supporting character, these girls have some of the most tragic stories around that have instantly left fans touched.

Entries 2, 5, 8 and 9 contain manga and game spoilers.

ten Kyoka Izumi: Considering Dying Because She Was Forced To Kill People (Bungou Stray Dogs)

(Bungou Stray Dogs) Kyoka Izumi ability ep8

The powerful Port Mafia used and treated Kyoka as a must-have assassin. Her Demon Snow ability would activate via a phone call, after which she would emotionally kill anyone who was her target, often displaying a ruthless demeanor while doing so.

Once, she even jumped from a moving train into the sea, expecting to die. However, she was saved by Atsushi, who then helped her become “normal”.

ATTENTION: this entry contains SPOILERS

9 Tamayo: was tricked into becoming a demon and ended up slaughtering her own family (Demon Slayer)

(Demon Slayer) The Injured Demon Tamayo

Muzan lied to her about healing her illness and turned her into a demon instead. Tamayo lost all control of her senses, went mad, and ended up killing her own children, her husband, and other innocent people in her village.

She fell into despair once she recovered, and it’s strongly implied that the only reason she ultimately served Muzan was because he completely broke her mind.

ATTENTION: this entry contains SPOILERS

8 Irisviel: a homunculus who was dumped by his “family” and left to die (Fate / Zero)

Created by the Einzbern family, Irisviel has always been used as a tool that was simply a way for them to win the Holy Grail War. When Emiya commented on how useless she was, Jubstacheit Einzbern threw her into the forest and a shocked Emiya brought her back.

The anime shows an abridged version of this story, where Irisviel is a submissive woman who marries Emiya as she was told, and gives birth to a child as a means to an end.

7 Abigail: lost her parents in an air raid and was forced to become a consumable child soldier (big suitor)

abigail and edamura on the plane (Great Pretender)

Baghdadi’s daughter, Abigail, was orphaned after an airstrike while she was with her parents, after which she was grabbed by strangers and handed over to a militant group.

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There she trained in harsh conditions, was treated like a tool, and ended up getting too close to a grenade that exploded on the battlefield. As an adult, her scars still haunt her, which often leads her to have thoughts of suicide.

6 Misaki: grew up with an abusive father and ended up living with her father’s abuser (Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens)

Misaki Tanaka (Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens)

Misaki’s mother left her daughter with her abusive husband and ran away. The child grew up being exposed to difficult mental and physical trauma every day of his life.

One day, Jiro entered their hope as part of his vengeful work profile and beat his father inches to death. There, she saw Misaki and the wounds on her body and decided to adopt her.

ATTENTION: this entry contains SPOILERS

5 Shinoa: Was the subject of heinous experiments and lost the only person she really loved (Seraph Of The End)

(Seraph Of The End) shinoa with his demonic weapon

Being placed under an examination table and being subjected to needles and scalpels has become a daily routine for Shinoa, because of the demon in her. Although she is only a child, she underwent these operations because she had her sister Mahiru by her side.

However, the day that Mahiru’s demon took hold of her was the day she died. Shinoa eventually became a loner who closed herself emotionally from the rest of the world.

4 Mumei: this 12-year-old was manipulated into a child soldier (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

(Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

After her mother was killed, Mumei was taken in by Biba. She considered him to be her older brother, but he was anything but a brother to her.

He pierced the phrase “the strong survive and the weak die” in the mind of this 12 year old, because of which she not only trained as a child soldier, but often risked her life just to kill. as many kabane as she. could.

3 Michelle: saw her child die in her arms because of the classist attitude of the viscount (Moriarty the patriot)

Burton with his wife Michelle (Moriarty The Patriot)

In the 4e episode of the anime, Michelle and her husband bring their sick child to the threshold of the Viscount of Belfor. They beg him to allow his doctor to take a look at their son since the village doctor was not available.

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However, not only does Belfor refuse to help them, he also threatens her husband with losing his job at the mansion. Michelle saw her child die in her own arms and remained traumatized for months until she got her revenge.

PLEASE NOTE: this entry contains SPOILERS

2 Shiro: had her body open everyday and she developed a split personality as a defense mechanism (Deadman Wonderland)

dead man's wonderland sin shiro branch 4

Constant injections, tearing her body apart and sowing it together, resulted in the rapid physical and mental deterioration of this young girl. His body parts often fell off, which were again seeded in place.

In fact, the pain was so excruciating for her that the miserable egg inside her forced her body to destroy itself faster than its ability to regenerate, in order to kill itself.

1 Clare: was taken hostage by a Yoma who abused her for months, forcing her to go silent (Claymore)

clare sad past (Claymore)

Clare’s family were killed by a yomu pretending to be her brother and were killed by a Claymore when he attempted to rape the girl. However, she was caught soon after by another Yomu, who made her travel with him as a cover for his human avatar.

He abused her regularly, both mentally and physically, to the point that her mind was unable to take the abuse any further and she eventually lost her voice.

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