10 anime girls who love to tease the protagonist

Female anime characters can have a variety of personalities such as tsundere, yandere, dandere type, etc. A personality type that is often seen in anime is the hiyakasudere type, this basically means that they often like to tease everyone, especially their love interest or the main character.

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The hiyakasudere type, also known as the teasedere, likes to tease those who are easily embarrassed by their actions. Sometimes these teasing can turn into flirtation when it comes to their love interest, often seeking their attention. However, one thing that separates hiyakasudere from other teasing personalities is that they don’t cause pain to those they play with.

ten Spice & Wolf’s Holo is the master teaser

Holo teasing Lawrence

Mentioning the female anime characters who like to tease the main character, Holo de Spice & Wolf is a must to talk about. Holo is a non-human wolf who flirts and manipulates her travel companion, Lawrence.

She is often seen making fun of his way of thinking and denying his skills. Although he still teases Lawrence, Holo has a strong affection for him, even going so far as to become jealous when other girls talk to him.

9 In Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia, Yuuko Kanoe Is A Spirit Girl Who Loves To Tease

Yuuko teasing Teiichi

Yuuko Kanoe is the spirit of a girl who died in a building of the Seikyo Academy and was walking aimlessly around the building until Teiichi Niiya found her. Despite his sinister appearance, Yuuko is actually a very cheerful and bubbly character who enjoys teasing Teiichi with naughty suggestions.

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Although she always playfully teases him, Yuuko will often call Teiichi a pervert for commenting on his body. Because Teiichi was the first person to notice Yuuko, she became very attached to him.

8 SNAFU’s Yukino Yukinoshita Blames Hachiman for Minor Incidents

Yukino teases Hachiman

Yukino Yukinoshita is a quiet and reserved high school student who is the President of the Service Club. Yukino was the only member of the club until Hachiman also joined the club. These two characters have a long history together and weren’t friends at all when the series started.

However, over time the two have grown close even to the point where the calm Yukino begins to tease Hachiman by blaming him for some incidents. Yukino even said that his drowsiness was gone after seeing Hachiman’s face.

seven In Fate / Stay Night, Rin Tohsaka is a mischievous girl who loves teasing

Rin teases Shirou

While she can be quite serious and competitive on the outside, Rin Tohasaka is a playful girl on the inside who likes to tease serious people. She particularly likes to tease the serious Shirou with whom she has a rather complicated relationship.

Rin likes to tease Shirou and get under his skin because she finds his reactions really funny. Throughout the series, Rin and Shirou go from friend to rivals, then friends again.

6 Don’t Toy With Me Hayase Nagatoro Miss Nagatoro Is A Big Tease To Her Senpai

Hayase teases Naoto

Hayase is a popular student who is very energetic and athletic in the school’s swim club. Another thing Hayase enjoys doing is teasing and intimidating his Senpai, Naoto. However, throughout his teasing, Hayase begins to develop feelings for his Senpai.

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Therefore, Hayase doesn’t tease Naoto as much as she did before lest she hurt her feelings. Hayase still likes to tease him often by calling him a creep and still laughing at him.

5 In Soul Eater, Blair is a flirtatious and playful cat girl

Blair from Soul Eater

After being mistaken for a real witch by Maka and Soul, Blair is actually a feline witch who now lives in their apartment. Blair is a playful and alluring cat girl who often teases Soul by flirting with him or transforming into her human form with no clothes on.

Once, when Maka and Soul had guests, Blair came in and took off his towel. She is always looking for fun and doesn’t bother to disturb people.

4 Noragami’s Kofuku is a fun loving god

Kofuku teases Hiyori

Despite being the goddess of poverty, Kofuku still has a bright and mischievous personality. Similar to the main character Yato, Kofuku enjoys being upbeat and having fun, sometimes even causing chaos while doing so. One thing she loves to do is tease everyone, she especially enjoys teasing Hiyori about her relationship with Yato.

The only person who can keep Kofuku in check is his own Daikoku companion, he’s the only one who can stop him from doing anything too hectic.

3 In Darling In The Franxx, Zero Two enjoys playing with Hiro

Hiro zero two tease

Zero Two is a human-klaxo sapien hybrid and an elite parasite, who are children trained to fly the FRANXX. Zero Two’s personality was rumored to be dangerous and cold due to his status as an elite pilot.

However, in reality Zero Two is quite playful towards Hiro, when they first meet she even teases him by calling Hiro a pervert. Over time, Zero Two continues to tease Hiro by casually flirting with him, often making him shy.

2 Akame Ga Kill’s Leone! Acts like an older sister teases Tatsumi

Leone teases Tatsumi

As the oldest member of the Night Raid assassination group, Leone enjoys playing the older sister role to Tatsumi often calling herself a big sister. Despite being the oldest, Leone has a cheerful and upbeat personality, and the main victim of her teasing is Tatsumi.

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Leone likes to push Tatsumi against his chest and tells him that he will be her man someday when he gets old. Tatsumi and Leone laugh a lot together and he is never bothered by Leone’s actions.

1 In Weathering With You, Natsumi Suga Is A Student With A Passion For Teasing

Natsumi Suga gets teased

Natsumi Suga is a carefree and mischievous college student who also works in an editing studio. Natsumi enjoys testing others, she especially enjoys watching Hodaka squirm with his teasing comments.

Natsumi always teases Hodaka by stating that he is looking at her chest, which of course she is right, causing him to squirm as well. Although she enjoys teasing, Natsumi is also kind and loyal, making sure she keeps her uncle company.

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