10 anime girls Nezuko would have no problem defeating

The Demon slayer the anime laid the groundwork for Nezuko to be not only a unique demon, but also someone exceptionally strong. Even without ever consuming human blood, she has shown remarkable strength and agility when it comes to battling demons twice the size.

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On the battlefield, one of its biggest benefits is its ability to heal in the blink of an eye. Not to mention that she also owns Blood Demon Art. With many smart and powerful anime girls, which ones can Nezuko easily defeat?

ten Akiko Yosano (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Akiko Yosano (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Akiko is one of the most feared characters in her anime, female or not, both for her attitude and her abilities. However, the biggest downside to her power is that she can only heal people (including herself) when they’re half dead.

If Nezuko is able to deal enough damage to her during a battle – and she can – while not giving her enough time to move or use her abilities, she can easily kill Akiko.

9 Mey-Rin (black butler)

As an ace assassin, she never lets go of a target. Her weapon of choice is a long-range rifle, but she’s equally comfortable with a variety of guns in combat, betraying her otherwise innocent appearance. Unfortunately, her poor near sight makes her largely ineffective in melee combat.

Plus, there’s no way she can match the strength and powers of a demon like Nezuko. A kick from Nezuko would easily neutralize Mey-Rin.

8 Faye (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop

When it comes to humans, there’s no denying that Faye would almost always have the upper hand without even pulling out weapons. This is because she is an extremely intelligent young woman who uses herself and her surroundings to get out of sticky situations.

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But when she faces a creature that not only is immune to her advances, but can easily crush her like an ant, she has no chance of winning.

7 Togame (Katanagatari)

As a strategist, Togame of the underrated criminal Katanagatari She might not have the respect of her peers, but it still can’t be denied how smart a girl she is. If she were to fight Nezuko, she might have the upper hand if she had her bodyguard Shichika by her side.

Head-to-head with Nezuko, this simple human who possesses no physical prowess, would be defeated in five seconds flat.

6 Mikasa (Attack on Titan)

Without a doubt, Mikasa is a formidable warrior who can slice titans 10 times his size to pieces in seconds. However, unlike the Titans, Nezuko has two advantages in his favor that Mikasa cannot overcome.

The first is its ability to regenerate almost instantly. The second is her Blood Demon Art, which she can easily use from a distance, thus giving Mikasa no chance to approach her and physically harm her.

5 Olivier (Fullmetal Alchemist)

olive tree with his fullmetal alchemist sword

Olivier is a force to be reckoned with. She is unusually strong, both physically and emotionally. Men twice the size curl up in his presence and for good reason. But in the end, she’s just a human.

No matter how skilled she is with a sword or even a gun, she can in no way match Nezuko’s ever-increasing brute strength. A Nezuko chop can easily behead Olivier, literally.

4 Abigail (Grand Pretender)

Abigail biting opponent's ear

With a past as a child soldier who participated in a real war, Abigail de Good pretender may be the only person here with real war experience. If she were to be equipped with a Nichirin sword, there’s no denying that she could give Nezuko a run for her money.

But without the sword there isn’t much she can do. She can run and hide, and she can postpone her death. One way or another, facing Nezuko, there is no denying that the Demonic Girl would come out on top.

3 Kohaku (Dr Stone)

Kohaku (Dr Stone)

Kohaku’s fighting prowess is recognized not only by the inhabitants of his village, but even by the series’ very powerful antagonist, Tsukasa. She has enhanced senses and a keen eye. If Nezuko was a human, she wouldn’t stand a chance against Tsukasa.

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Faced with a demon like Nezuko who possesses inhuman strength and supernatural powers, Kohaku will fight bravely, but ultimately lose.

2 Mirei (When supernatural battles become commonplace)

Mirei (When supernatural battles become commonplace)

Mirei has the ability to “steal” superpowers from others. Whether or not she could steal Nezuko’s powers is debatable. Even assuming she can, she would have to ask Nezuko to use her Blood Demon Art first.

If Nezuko chose to choose her physical strength instead, there is no way this teenage girl will survive the demon’s assault.

1 Baileu (Phantom of Twilight)

Baileu (Phantom of Twilight)

She is perhaps the strongest opponent in this discussion. Her ability is to literally summon any object she thinks of. In a normal battle, this would prove to be an exceptional asset.

However, when you fight a demon that can only be defeated by a Nichirin sword, this ability becomes useless. Especially seeing how all the weapons in the world wouldn’t help Baileu if Nezuko chose to use his Blood Demon Art on her.

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