10 animated series you didn’t know had their own plays

Since the highly regarded premiere of the Prince of tennis play in 2003, live-action anime adaptations have become increasingly popular. In fact, the most beloved animes today have had some sort of stage adaptation, whether it’s a standard piece or a fun musical, that often follows familiar stories or arcs from the material. original.

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Adaptations of plays are able to draw fans into the world of their favorite anime with an immersive experience. They often capitalize on the live aspect in a way that anime isn’t capable of, involving the audience in making the story unfold around them.

ten Death Note musical features killer soundtrack

Musical Death Note

The Death threat The musical premiered in April 2015 in Tokyo and has been widely regarded as a stunning adaptation of the animated series. The musical follows the manga’s first arc, telling the story of Light Yagami as he first finds the Death Note as Detective L tries to stop the murders, with an incredible soundtrack. It was composed by Frank Wildhorn, lyrics by Jack Murphy and a screenplay by Ivan Menchell. Unlike most animated plays, it was also originally written in English.

9 Naruto’s play is a special commemoration

Naruto Live Show

Naruto Live Show debuted in March 2015 in Tokyo and is based on the Naruto anime and manga. This production was also part of the Naruto Project, a collection of projects created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Naruto series.

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Naruto Live Show adapts volumes 1-27 of the manga, following Naruto at the start of the animated series, especially around his Ninja Academy debut. It was written and directed by Akiko Kodama. There was a sequel that debuted in 2017, as well as another stage production in development.

8 Bleach’s rock musical is the first of several

Rock Music Bleach

Rock Music Bleach is a rock musical based on the Bleach manga and animated series. The story of Rock Music Bleach focuses on Ichigo Kurosaki becoming a Shinigami, Rukia Kuchiki returning to Seireiti and the trio of friends arriving in Seireiti.

It was produced by Studio Pierrot, which produced several other popular animes, and directed by Takuya Hiramitsu. The screenplay was written by Naoshi Okumura with music by Shoichi Tama. Since the production of this first musical there have been several other musical adaptations of Bleach.

7 My Hero Academia play brings beloved characters to life

My Hero Academia Ultra Stage

My Hero Academia: The “Ultra” scene took place in spring 2019 in Tokyo and Osaka. It is based on the manga and anime of the same name. The piece focuses on the early arches of the My hero university manga and anime. He follows Izuku Midoriya early on his journey to becoming a hero as he acquires an oddity and enrolls in UA High School. The production was directed by Yotai Motoyoshi and choreographed by Umebo. There is also a new version of the play which will premiere in December 2021.

6 Hunter X Hunter Musical Is Most Popular Stage Adaptation

Hunter X Hunter Zaoldyeck's Nightmare

Hunter x hunter has had several theatrical adaptations over the years, but the most popular is Hunter X Hunter: Zaoldyeck’s Nightmare. Hunter X Hunter: Zaoldyeck’s Nightmare begins taking the Hunter exam after Killua fails and runs away. The story is about Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio as they pursue Killua.

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This adaptation is also a musical, with an incredible array of musical numbers that fans have loved. Additionally, the choreography made fantastic use of a multi-level stage. This play premiered in August 2002 and even features many voice actors from the anime.

5 One Piece has several fun plays

One Piece Live Attraction Marionette

The manga and anime series A play has been adapted into several plays over the years. They were all performed at the Tokyo One Piece Tower, with the first play in 2015 and the most recent production ending in 2020. They all come together under the title “One Piece Live Attraction”, although each play features its own. unique story. .

The first show, One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour, introduces the Straw Hat Pirates as they explore a cave on Tongari Island and become cursed. The most recent show, One Piece Live Attraction: Puppet, follows Ann’s return to the Straw Hat Pirates to help them fight Caesar Clown.

4 Haikyuu !! Creates a unique live experience

Hyper Projection Haikyuu Project !!

Hyper Projection Game “Haikyuu !!” is a live-action adaptation of the popular volleyball manga and anime Haikyuu !!. This play follows the first half of the Karasuno High Team training arc and features many beloved characters from the anime and manga.

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The first production took place in the fall of 2015 and was followed by another production in 2016. This show combines manga, live action and video to create an extraordinary viewing experience that fans have loved. Hyper Projection Game “Haikyuu !!” was directed by Worry Kinoshita and choreographed by HIDALI.

3 The Pokémon Musical features familiar and original songs

Pokémon Live

Pokémon Live! is a musical show created in September 2000 and based on the Pokemon animated series. Pokémon Live! follows Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Brock on their adventure to enter a contest to win the Diamond Badge.

This production perfectly mixes songs from the anime with original songs to create a fun and immersive experience. It was directed and choreographed by Luis Perez, with musical direction from John Loeffler and John Siegler, both of whom wrote songs for the anime.

2 Blue Exorcist’s game is very popular for its stellar cast

Live Act Ao no Exorcist Mashin no Rakuin

Blue exorcist is another manga and anime series that has been adapted into several live productions. The first play, Live Act Ao no Exorcist: Mashin no Rakuin, debuted in spring 2012 at Nippon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo. The story of Live Act Ao no Exorcist: Mashin no Rakuin focuses on Okumura Rin and his twin brother, Yukio.

Satoshi Owada both directed the production and wrote the adaptation of the screenplay. This play was appreciated for its casting choices. Following this manufacturing, Blue exorcist went on to have four other pieces.

1 Bungou’s first stray dogs play is a beloved story

Bungou stray dogs on stage

Bungou Stray Dogs has had several live stage adaptations, the first of which being Bungou stray dogs on stage. This play premiered in December 2017 at Kanagawa Arts Theater Hall in Japan before being presented at Morinomiya Piloti Hall in January and at Tokyo AiiA 2.5 Theater in February.

Bungou stray dogs on stage follows the anime since the beginning of popular history. The play ends with the conflict between Atsuhi and Akutagawa on the freighter. It was directed by Norihito Nakayashiki with the screenplay written by Tadashi Ogasano.

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