10 animated series that can’t decide if they’re for kids or adults

For years, anime fans have been told that anime is a genre for children. While there are animated series aimed at children, there are also cartoons exclusively for adults. Show as Pokemon and K-ON are perfect anime that can be considered for kids as there is no fan service and no extreme violence in them.

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Anime like The attack of the Titans and Tokyo ghoul are certainly not intended for the consumption of children. These shows are extremely violent with a lot of gore. Nonetheless, some anime shows are on a fine line between being aimed at children or adults.

ten Life lessons with the stars of Uramichi-Oniisan, host of a show for depressed children


Life lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan is an anime about 31-year-old Uramichi Omota. Uramichi works for a children’s show known as With mom. Although he is supposed to be upbeat and positive for children, Uranichi can’t help but let his depression slip away.

Sometimes, forgetting that he is the host of a children’s TV show, Uramichi will suddenly tell children disheartening things about the real world. All of this is due to his failed career as a gymnast. Watching this anime, it’s hard to tell if it’s for kids or adults.

9 Pop Team Epic features skits about two teenage girls

Popuko and Pipimi

Pop epic team is a series of short skits featuring two 14-year-old girls known as Popuko and Pipimi. These skits are extremely short, only last a minute, and are filled with comedy. At first glance, this anime seems perfect for kids with its cartoon style, short episodes, and comic relief characters.

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Some jokes, however, are definitely not aimed at children and they probably wouldn’t understand them. SSome of their skits can only be understood by adults, which makes it hard to tell if it’s for kids or adults.

8 Aggretsuko follows the life of an office worker

Retsuko an accountant

Aggretsuko is a series about Retsuko, an accountant for a Japanese company. Retsuko is a character who is part of Sanrio, alias the Hello Kitty universe. While everything about this anime screams that it is meant for kids, there are some components of this anime that are different.

Aggretsuko shows the life of a female accountant in Japan, showing issues like sexism in the workplace and things like that. Some characters are even shown swearing and drinking, which makes it hard to believe it’s for kids to watch.

7 Yu Gi Oh ! is a series about epic card battles

Yugi Moto Playing Cards

Yu Gi Oh ! tells the story of Yugi Moto, a high school student who loves games. This series follows the story of Yugi and his journey fighting opponents in a card game. Even if Yu Gi Oh ! is listed under Kids TV on Netflix, it’s hard to believe it’s aimed at kids.

These series is filled with card battles that might be a little too complicated for most kids to figure out. Especially since the current card game has to deal with a lot of math which can even confuse adults.

6 Gakuen Babysitters follows the story of two orphaned brothers

Gakuen babysitters

Gakuen babysitters is an anime about Ryuuichi Kashima. After losing his parents in a plane crash, Ryuuichi is now the guardian of his younger brother, Kotarou. These two brothers are soon adopted by Youko Morinomiya, president of a prestigious academy.

However, in exchange for a roof over their heads, Ryuuichi must become the school’s babysitter. While this anime is filled with adorable babies, there are some themes like death that might be considered too much for kids.

5 Cells at work! is an educational anime about the body

Cells at work!

Cells at work! is an animated series about the work of a new red blood cell known as Hakkekkyuu U-1146. This animated series is ideal for children as it teaches them the inner workings of the human body.

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Some scenes can be too much for children, especially in some cases where the white blood cells are in a battle with the germs. These scenes can be pretty brutal with a lot of blood. Some parents might not want their children to see.

4 My Hero Academia is a series about a superhero society

My hero university

My hero university is a series about Izuku Midoriya living in a society where having power is the norm. While this series appears to be perfect for kids to watch due to its superpower and hero themes, some of its components might not be suitable for children.

My hero university is a show filled with fan service, bloody fights, and adult themes that kids might not understand. Therefore, it is difficult to say which target age audience this anime is suitable for.

3 Soul Eater Stars A Weapon & Meister Duo

Soul Eater characters

Soul eater is an anime about Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evan, a duo of masters and weapons. In this anime, students who attend Death Meister Academy can either transform into a weapon or be a meister who uses the weapon. Although this anime may be appealing to children due to its fun cartoon style and comic relief characters, there are some themes that are not suitable for children.

Soul eater contains the same themes as My hero university with its bloody fights and fan service scenes, which might not be suitable for children.

2 Naruto follows the story of an orphan boy

Naruto looks tough

Naruto is an animated series about Naruto Uzumaki, an orphan child with a big dream. Naruto appears to be the perfect anime for kids to watch with ninja and friendship themes.

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As with any other popular animated series, there will be a lot of fan service scenes that aren’t suitable for kids. Additionally, this series, like any other shonen show, features some bloody fights that kids might not be able to watch.

1 Hetalia Axis Powers stars nations as anime characters

Powers of the Hetalia Axis

Hetalia is an animated series about Italy, Germany and Japan which are all personified in anime characters. Parents may think this is a perfect anime for their kids to watch because it traces the history of nations. The story focuses on the main events of WWI and WWII.

This series is not very educational since nations all have their own stereotypical personalities for laughs and political jokes. Which means this anime isn’t very educational for kids to watch at all.

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