While some of the most popular anime characters are generous and inspiring, in many cases the evil and dark anime characters are just as beloved as the heroes of the show. Some of the bravest female anime characters have had epic battles and even violent deaths from these evil, homicidalRead More →

The darkest anime series have some of the greatest character arcs and stunning storylines that keep fans wanting more after each episode. While there are plenty of dark horror anime fans to choose from, there are also some surprisingly dark psychological shows that are truly binge-worthy anime series that canRead More →

Anime series have always tried to imagine what the future will look like. Often these visions of the future have involved commercial space travel, cyborgs, sentient robots, and other concepts that still seem as far-fetched today as they did when first conceived. While these depictions of the future have mostlyRead More →

It’s no surprise that the anime is built around as much action as possible. Originally, as a medium, most shows were aimed at children, and those who grew up with anime became accustomed to the series being action-oriented. Sometimes some anime can have a little too much action, and theseRead More →

Drama is a dynamic and powerful element of storytelling. It can create tension, raise the stakes, give gravity to events, and define the most important moments in a story. Many great anime series succeed because of their drama. Fans are won over by shows that excel there. RELATED: 110 AnimeRead More →

Ideally, an anime (or any form of serialized storytelling, for that matter) would be a standalone experience that gives audiences everything they need in one concise package. This isn’t the case with all anime, as some are so filled with world-building arcs and individual characters that the plot slips awayRead More →

Dialogue is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of anime, as it is often overshadowed by energetic animation and explosive soundtracks. Without good dialogue, the anime simply wouldn’t be as entertaining and impactful as it is. After all, the dialogue is what literally tells the story and definesRead More →

Hairstyles are an important part of anime. They are usually very stylized and come in all sorts of bright colors. The best speak to the audience about the characters before they have a chance to speak. RELATED: 10 Anime Characters With The Most Stylish Hairstyles One of the less commonRead More →

Animated is filled with exciting and interesting female characters that fans love and cherish for their quirky quirks. More often than not, these lovable heroines are strong-willed, wear their hearts on their sleeve, and are the goofiest characters in the entire series. Falling on their faces, burning a meal, andRead More →

Anime can be quite inspiring and uplifting when viewers need it most. While most would expect the medium to be filled with nothing but overpowered characters, constant battles, and even gripping social commentary, there are plenty of lighthearted series to enjoy. RELATED: 10 Anime That Deserved A Happy Ending AnimeRead More →

The anime community really spoils us with lots of great anime shows every month. Before fans can stick a fork in a show they’ve started watching, news arrives, promising even greater content. July does not break the long-standing custom and swears anime fans to bring the greatest anime shows thanRead More →

Anime series differ not only in genre, theme, and demographics, but also in length, ranging from standalone shorts to massive epics with thousands of episodes. And while many fans enthusiastically engage in endless, long-running battle shonen, following the adventures of their favorite heroes for decades, short anime is, by far,Read More →

guides The best Pfps anime girls to beautify your social profiles! Published on June 10, 2022 Jean Pierre House ” Guides » Best Pfps Anime Girls Your favorite anime girls from all your favorite anime are here with this Pfps list. Whether you have a crush on them or thinkRead More →

Via Crunchyroll Isekai, which translates to “other world” or “different world”, is a kind of anime which focuses on the portal from one world to another. Isekai anime plots revolve around protagonists being transported to a fantasy, virtual or alternate universe, where they must blend in and – in mostRead More →

Anime has a wide variety of subgenres for everyone to enjoy, from fantasy series to horror. A popular genre that fans enjoy is suspense, or more specifically, serial killer series. Unlike Western culture, where serial killers are defined by popular horror films such as Halloween and Friday 13, serial killersRead More →

Clannad is one of the most iconic slice-of-life anime of the 2000s – and one of the most notoriously heartbreaking. If that’s the vibe you’re looking for, keep reading! Here is how to watch Clannad in order, including main anime, movies, and OVAs: About Clannad Clannad is a 2007 slice-of-lifeRead More →

More often than not, before viewers are introduced to a character’s personality, they first encounter them at face value. Character judgments based on someone’s appearance influence how others’ perceptions of them are initially formed. As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Eye contact allows peopleRead More →

Based on the popular fantasy novel series by George RR Martin, The iron Throne was phenomenally successful as a television series and developed a large fandom that is still active today. With its grand scale, large cast, and convoluted storylines of adventure and political maneuvering, The iron Throne has heldRead More →

With such a diverse range of content, anime offers audiences the opportunity to connect with all kinds of stories and characters. There are many anime series and movies featuring LGBTQ+ characters. However, just like with Western media, these characters and their stories tend not to be explicitly part of theRead More →

Superhero movies continue to maintain their popularity and sweep cinemas with no end in sight. One corner of this enduring trend is the DCEU franchise, which features sports movies featuring some of the most iconic superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. RELATED: 10 DC Characters From The ComicsRead More →

The anime has come a long way since its debut. It’s evolved in almost every way, with changes in style, animation quality, writing, and more. Fans still have a soft spot for their first anime series, but it’s hard to deny that many of them aren’t holding up like theyRead More →

In recent years, the romance genre has grown out of the stigma of “girls only”. The Shojo anime specifically targets audiences that resonate with stories filled with melodrama and struggles to maintain a youthful relationship. Even though most of these romance stories usually center around a male or female characterRead More →

Not all anime has to be action-packed or thrilling. Sometimes we just want to cry or feel something. Whether it’s someone fighting for what they believe in, fighting for survival, or just trying to get through life, there will be an anime story that will make you emotional. But that’sRead More →

The anime world would be incomplete without romance. Some of the most heartwarming and beautiful romantic stories have come from anime, and fans around the world continue to fall in love as new characters and storylines are introduced by different talented storytellers. While some of these stories fall into theRead More →

As long as people created stories, the stories they told themselves revolved around conflict. From ancient ethnic myths to modern media, plots rely on the presentation of conflicting interests or goals to move a story forward, advancing character and story development. In most folk tales, these conflicts are straightforward, pittingRead More →

USERJOY Technology, a Taiwan-based game development company, has officially launched pre-registration for its RPG adaptation of the relatively popular anime series seven deadly sins. Called Seven Mortal Sins XTASY, the game has been released in Japan for quite some time and enjoyed decent success there with a large cast ofRead More →

Another horror anime had a very promising and innovative premise for its time, but the conclusion ruined the whole series. Here’s why. Aired in 2012, the horror anime Another one captivated viewers with the complex rules of the cursed 9th grade class at Yomiyama North Middle School, as revealed byRead More →

The world of anime is full of an amazing variety of characters, some of whom are far more self-contained than others. Some powerful and confident characters never need anyone else’s help, and they certainly don’t need saving from a losing battle. RELATED: 10 Most Adorable Anime Girls Of 2021 InRead More →

Video games have always been satisfying ways for the gamer to relax or challenge themselves, but increasing technological advancements allow games to tackle more complex territory. Visual aesthetics is an area where video games have seen incredible growth, from photorealistic characters to deeply stylized games much like an animated series.Read More →

Women tend to be underrated in anime. More often than not, the author drops the ball when writing his female characters. Therefore, audiences see them as weak, obnoxious, or even just a plot to improve the protagonist. However, many women in anime are independent and can stand on their own.Read More →