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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is just what its name suggests - a listing of people from all over the world who are a fan of the same person/TV show/subject, etc. In this case the fanlisting is for fans of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon pairing Zoisite and Venus.

Why Zoisite and Venus?

A lot of people just dismiss this pairing as they have few acts where we see real hints that possibly, in the past life, there was something more between them. Let's look at the facts:

1. Zoisite was *obsessed* with Sailor V. Okay, you could argue that his mission was to kill her when she was supposedly the Princess and that he was just carrying out orders, but Zoisite never obeyed Beryl. He did exactly what he liked, even when he was under her influence, and he never appeared before her when he was brainwashed. Instead opting to tell Nephrite things that Beryl would want to hear, because he knew that Nephrite would repeat exactly what he said to the Queen. Why was he obsessed with V? Because he recalled something of a past that they might have shared together, perhaps?

2. Venus killed Zoisite in Act 12. Yes, I consider this evidence that there was something more between them. Think about it. Zoisite was pretty much defenceless when she zapped him with her 'crescent beam' attack. The appereance of Tuxedo Kamen had wrong-footed him so really she had no reason to kill him (as she would know that, after remembering the past life he would pose little threat to her or the other Senshi), except that she might have recalled something about their past together and killed him because the feelings that he envoked in her frightened her.

3. Act Thirty Five. Zoisite confronted Venus in the parking lot of the hospital after she was having treatment because she tried to follow Mamoru. They fought briefly and their battle ended when Zoisite teleported behind her and pressed his sword to her throat, whilst holding onto her. Okay, Venus looked scared, but she didn't seem as terrified as she should have been. Perhaps she knew that he wouldn't hurt her? Also, Zoisite's sword hand is shaking slightly in one shot, indicating that he didn't really want to hurt her.

4. Again, in Thirty Five, there is a real empathy between them when they are talking about the past life. Judging from the looks they give each other, there had to, at sometime, been something more between them and they definetly seemed to connect on a level that went beyond protecting their respective leaders.

5. The music box. In order to make Usagi forget about Mamoru, Zoisite gave Venus a music box that, when listened to, would make a person forget about the person they loved. Venus would have to be the one to play the music to Usagi as it would not work when the heart was guarded. In return, Venus promised to help Zoisite protect Endymion. When Kuroki Mio made her move to capture Endymion, Venus had opened the music box and, upon hearing that Mamoru was in danger, Usagi tried to go after him. Forced to choose Venus abandoned Zoisite in favour of running after the Princess. The look that passed between them before Zoisite's hologram disappeared was too meaningful to just be passed off as a look of disappointment or even hatred. I think, that in the past life, any relationship they might have had always came second in favour of their duties towards Endymion and Serenity. It's really kind of sad when you think about it and both of them are so loyal that they had to put aside their own feelings concerning each other. Possibly this had ended a relationship before. Venus betrayed Zoisite so why didn't he go after her with a desire for revenge? Because his feelings for her stopped him? Or perhaps he was too hurt by her betrayal?

6. Act 44. Zoisite's final Act. There was no Venus/Zoisite interaction in this Act, but there is still strong evidence of a relationship between the two. Why? When Zoisite was fatally wounded by the Metallia Youma, Venus had one of her spells and collapsed at exactly the same moment. Coincidence? I think not. No matter what sort of relationship they had once had, in those precious seconds they appeared to have a Psychic Connection. I'm a big believer in Psychic Connections (owing to having a few myself!) and what are the chances of both of them collapsing at the same time? Venus must have, subconsciously, felt that something had happened, despite, in later Acts, never referring to his death. And why would she? Venus isn't exactly the 'wearing my heart on my sleeve' type and neither is Zoisite, which was why they didn't get together in the series. Someone really ought to have banged those two's heads together, ne?

I think I've covered most of the evidence and, in my opinion, there is definetly enough there to support this very kawaii pairing. If anyone has any more evidence that I have missed, feel free to email it to me and I shall add it to this page ^-^